Report to the Community

Every day, all of us at the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend come face-to-face with generosity and philanthropy, love and humanity.

We meet people like you—members of our community—who ask tough questions. Seek meaningful answers. And who find ways to better our region.

You make our community great. And help us to achieve our mission to transform our region through the generosity of our donors.

Our community has embraced a vision and action plan known as Q2030. Our vision: By 2030, our region is recognized globally for growing and attracting talent and businesses, is energized by a diverse and culturally rich community, inspires innovation, and embraces life-long learning. Put more simply, that we have cool places, creative people, a connected region, and a prosperous economy.

Your generosity helps move us closer to realizing this vision.

As we celebrate the past, and look to the future, five members of our Community Foundation team took time to reflect on how we've driven our community toward this vision, and how, with your help, we will continue to do so today, and into the "Q2030." Read them below:

 Elizabeth Moore
A Cool Way to Live
By Elizabeth Moore
 Randy Moore
A Community that is Creative
By Randy Moore
 Kelly Thompson
A Region that is Connected
By Kelly Thompson
Anne Calder
A Place Where Giving Prospers
By Anne Calder
Sherry Ristau
A Region that is Transformed
By Sherry Ristau

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So this is pretty cool.
Elizabeth partnered with Transitions to organize a political advocacy workshop that brought youth and local leaders together to discuss better ways to effectively champion change. “There’s a gap between the needs of youth struggling with emotional distress and the resources available to them,” shared Gary Weinstein, CEO of Transitions. Learn how, with a grant from CFGRB, Transitions is tackling that issue head-on. Read more

Committing to our future.
The Ascentra Credit Union Foundation recently made a four-year commitment to Junior Achievement of the Heartland and a three-year commitment to Big Brothers Big Sisters to aid struggling young people. “We want to have meaningful impact, and we realized that if we endow money through CFGRB, we can do great things forever,” President and CEO of Ascentra Dale Owen said. Read more

Foundation for the future.
Through a $100,000 grant to the Quad Cities Housing Cluster, members of the community have received the financial and emotional support that has made them more independent. In just a short period of time, 45 households now have a roof over their heads, and dignity from which to contribute to their families, and society. Read more

You've got to meet Leo and Susan.
They are proof that giving back isn't just about money. Leo Schubert and Susan Sharar recently left a legacy at CFGRB. But they're also creating a legacy right now by volunteering in the community. Susan works with several local refugees, teaching them English and playing "grandma" to the little ones. Leo serves on many local boards. Together, they're making the most out of life—and leaving a mark on our community. Read more

Trust matters.
Meet Jim Victor of Morgan Stanley, one the many financial advisors, lawyers and community leaders who partner with us so that philanthropy can prosper. They are our foundation for a healthy Community Foundation. Read more


"We'll be able to do more to preserve historic materials. It's a gift that will help our community for years to come."

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Did You Know?

The Community Foundation made its first grant from the Community Impact Endowment in 1967. That grant, of $2,000, was funded by an estate gift from Bea Conrad.
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