Advisor Circle

The Community Foundation recognizes and appreciates the important work of all professional advisors. We extend our gratitude for the vital role they play in making their clients’ philanthropic goals a reality and in helping connect people who care with causes that matter.

Members of the Community Foundation's Advisor Circle serve their clients through inspired legacy planning. Membership is by invitation. Each professional advisor in this elite group has been instrumental in helping one or more of their clients make a gift of $1 million or more to the Community Foundation.

We appreciate their leadership and vision.

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Members of the Advisor Circle

  • Ray Allen
  • Lynn Behrends
  • Larry Calvo
  • H.J. Jack Dane
  • Joshua Denning
  • Dave Dettmann
  • Dan Ellard
  • Samuel Gilman
  • Ron Hansen
  • Judy Hilgenberg
  • Roger Hill
  • Peter McLaughlin
  • Kirk Metzger
  • Jim Nash
  • Henry Neuman
  • John Norton
  • Molly O'Meara Schnell
  • John Pedersen
  • Marie Rolling-Tarbox
  • John Slover Jr.
  • Jay Stanley
  • William R. Stengel
  • Leigh Svacina Sr.
  • J. Scott Voigt
  • C. Dana Waterman III
  • Cal Werner Jr.
  • Pete Wessels
  • Brian Wright

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Did You Know?

Children's Therapy Center has a nonprofit endowment at the Community Foundation to ensure their success for years to come.
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