Jim VictorTrust. If you ask Financial Advisor Jim Victor, it's at the core of everything he does in his daily work with clients at Morgan Stanley Global Wealth Management in Davenport. "Trust is earned over very long periods of time," he said. "So it becomes a very important part of what we do to have respect for where life, or eventually death, will take that client and their resources."

Victor has been an advisor for 42 years in the Quad Cities and has worked to develop relationships with clients as they plan for the future. "We're at the core of a circle of trust to care for that future," he said. "We owe it to clients to connect them with opportunities to fulfill their charitable planning."

Sometimes that includes guiding clients as they set up permanent endowments at the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend, or other times, simply connecting them with one-time giving opportunities.

The Community Foundation is directly connected with more than 500 professional advisors, including financial planners, accountants, attorneys, insurance agents, brokers and trust officers. Those advisors are affiliated with more than 200 firms in the community. It's an important piece of the puzzle for many clients who might not know what the Community Foundation offers or are uncertain of the process of setting up a permanent endowment, said Barbara Melbourne, Vice President of Development.

"Professional and financial advisors really do that behind-the-scenes work that is so important in helping donors accomplish their philanthropic goals," Melbourne said. "They connect us with their clients so we can help them navigate the process. They are key players in helping community members leave a legacy with their resources."

Victor said it's an honor to do what he does. "I believe every one of us truly knows that we are blessed in our Quad Cities," he said. "Of those to whom much is given, much is required. To go to bed at night comfortable that you helped your community beyond helping your client, is an enormous satisfaction."

Victor, who served on the Community Foundation Board many years ago, said it was personally
rewarding to help shepherd an organization that was once small enough to be "managed out of a shoebox." The organization today is a "marvelous professional community asset," he said.

Victor has also volunteered for the Junior Achievement program for 35 years, served United Way and most recently worked on programs for wellness, population health, prevention, and early detection of illness through the fast-growing Genesis Philanthropy. "We're changing the wellness profile of our entire Quad Cities area with documented improvement every day," he said. "It's exhilarating."

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Grants from the Isabel Bloom Fund will further the education of local children and art instructors, foster greater appreciation of the visual arts and help enhance the quality of life in the Quad Cities.
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