About Q2030

Q2030 is a rally cry.

CFGRB is proud to stand alongside our community in supporting this movement. The Q2030 Regional Action Plan embraces the collaborative spirit of the Quad Cities and surrounding region, and the unique characteristics and strengths that make us an extraordinary place with rich resources and high potential. The framework of the plan tackles tough issues facing our bi-state region and leverages opportunities with the highest odds for transformational change.

Those issues fall within four priority themes for action:

  • Cool Places: Create strong and attractive places in which we live, work, experience and play.
  • Creative People: Provide young people and workers with the skills and competencies to contribute to the economy and the community.
  • Connected Region: Come together and help one another in new ways to improve efficiencies, attitudes and perceptions.
  • Prosperous Economy: Use our strengths as a region to retain, attract and create businesses and jobs.

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"We build the community through construction, and through corporate philanthropy, we are able to give back."

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Did You Know?

Charitable organizations in the Quad Cities that promote youth activities can apply for the Roy E. Murray Foundation Grant for Youth.
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