A Place Where Giving Prospers

Anne CalderBy Anne Calder, Vice President of Development

When I moved to the Quad Cities 10 years ago, I discovered a community that was thriving—a place that was prosperous not just in the ways we might think about prosperity (like financial wealth and career success) but also in the ways community members were caring for each other.

I quickly met people who were ensuring that basic human needs—food, housing, education and jobs—were being met. I also found individuals and families living a life where there were opportunities, resources to achieve, engagement with the community, and an enriched environment for learning.

This, I thought, is the heart of the Quad Cities.

Through our mission at the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend to transform the region through the generosity of our donors, we are helping our community lead lives that are fuller and more prosperous in every sense. In just my first month as the new Vice President of Development, I've seen that play out every single day in the interactions I get to have with our donors, community leaders, young philanthropists in the Teens for Tomorrow Program, and more.

I hope people see in CFGRB what I saw before taking this new position—as the face of philanthropy in the region, quick to answer questions and passionate about giving a deep reservoir of ideas and resources for donors and the community.

Every person, no matter their background, has experienced the joy of giving. I want to remind them of that—that giving can be the decision to make an online donation to a charity seeking support, spending a Saturday afternoon cleaning up the banks of the river, or even serving on one of our grantmaking committees at CFGRB.

True prosperity is a community of neighbors who have come together to fill in the gaps, lift each other up, and build a better life together. I'm honored to be part of that. And I hope you'll join me in being part of it too.


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