Community Foundation of the Great River Bend announces scholarship recipients

The Community Foundation, which is the leading philanthropic organization in the region dedicated to transforming the community through the generosity of its citizens, has awarded 45 scholarships to 40 different recipients for a total of $234,278. Half of those dollars—$146,000—are renewable.

“This is an exciting time of year for us as we are able to help invest in the education, ambition and dreams of college students,” said Community Foundation President and CEO Sherry Ristau. “We understand the vital role that higher education plays in this community and the future of this region, and we are honored to help pave the way for these very deserving students. It is all possible because of the generosity of donors. Every scholarship lets the recipient know that someone is out there who cares about his or her success.”

Because of the high number of renewable dollars this year, the investment will go even further toward assisting the students, said Kelly Thompson, Director of Programs.

“As the cost of post-secondary education continues to increase and oftentimes become a real challenge for students, we are thrilled to partner with the community and donors to help alleviate some of that cost,” Thompson said. “Every scholarship helps a student begin their educational journey, and a renewable scholarship helps that student complete the journey.”

The following students have been awarded 2016 CFGRB scholarships:

  • Jake Aunan, 2016 Don E. and Charlotte Williams Scholarship, $12,000*
  • Andres Bennett-Terronez, 2016 Morency Family Scholarship, $8,000*
  • Margaret Carr, 2016 Sophia N. Hapke Scholarship, $5,800
  • Carly Donahue, 2016 Bandit Scholarship, $8,550
  • Emily Edwards, 2016 Richard J. Collins Memorial Scholarship, $500
  • Donovan Flynn, 2016 Don E. and Charlotte Williams Scholarship, $12,000*
  • Austin Goddard, 2016 Helen Maurer Simmons Scholarship, $1,000
  • Melissa Hagerty, 2016 Don E. and Charlotte Williams Scholarship, $12,000*
  • Hannah Hansen, 2016 Sophia N. Hapke Scholarship, $5,800
  • Hannah Hansen, 2016 Donna Jean Arzberger Memorial Scholarship, $2,000
  • Hannah Hansen, 2016 Jane and Clem Werner Scholarship, $5,000
  • Sara Herzberg, 2016 James D. Morrison Scholarship, $3,000
  • Caleb Hoffman, 2016 Mike Condon Scholarship, $1,500
  • Trinity Jeffers, 2016 Morency Family Scholarship, $8,000*
  • Samantha Johnson, 2016 August and Edna Zahatko Scholarship, $1,000
  • Marissa Kletke, 2016 Gene S. Duke Scholarship, $2,500
  • Adam Lack, 2016 Ligino Family Scholarship, $500
  • Colby Lafrenz, 2016 Don E. and Charlotte Williams Scholarship, $12,000*
  • Karly Lent, 2016 Corky Kress Golf Scholarship, $3,150
  • Ryan Lorber, 2016 Bandit Scholarship, $3,528
  • Amanda Matthews, 2016 Jane and Clem Werner Scholarship, $5,000
  • Christian Michels, 2016 Louis F. Bulechek Memorial Scholarship, $18,000*
  • Cynthia Montoya, 2016 Don E. and Charlotte Williams Scholarship, $12,000*
  • Elizabeth Moore, 2016 Herman and Sarah Segal Scholarship, $1,000
  • McKenzley Morris, 2016 Dearrel Bates Memorial Scholarship, $1,250
  • Bailey Nelson, 2016 Central High School Teacher Scholarship, $14,000*
  • Alexis Nelson, 2016 Clifford and Louise King Scholarship, $2,700
  • Tony Nguyen, 2016 Morency Family Scholarship, $8,000*
  • Tony Nguyen, 2016 Jane and Clem Werner Scholarship, $5,000
  • Tony Nguyen, 2016 Mike Condon Scholarship, $1,500
  • Tony Nguyen, 2016 Verna Kaucher Scholarship, $4,000*
  • Andrea Ochoa-Raya, 2016 William H. Kleinschmidt Scholarship, $3,000
  • Erin Pasley, 2016 Kelly Marie McQuate Scholarship, $500
  • Lorraine Pereira, 2016 Mariah Becker Scholarship, $1,000
  • Erica Peterson, 2016 Elise Brett Scholarship, $2,000
  • Emma Petri, 2016 Verna Kaucher Scholarship, $4,000*
  • Carrie Pritchett, 2016 Diana (Diane) De Pover-Nesseler Scholarship, $700
  • Christy Ralston, 2016 John R. Kiley Memorial Scholarship, $1,000
  • Alexander Skillin, 2016 Jane and Clem Werner Scholarship, $5,000
  • Kennedy Smith, 2016 Morency Family Scholarship, $8,000*
  • Morgan Snyder, 2016 Edwin R. Adland and Ruth H. Adland Scholarship, $5,000
  • Thompson Teasdale, 2016 Sophia N. Hapke Scholarship, $5,800
  • Emily Tonn, 2016 Great River Bend Cyclone Scholarship, $1,000
  • Mathew Townsley, 2016 Don E. and Charlotte Williams Scholarship, $12,000*
  • Joshua Voelkers, 2016 Jane and Clem Werner Scholarship, $5,000.

* Asterisks above denotes a renewable scholarship which will be divided over four years.

Erica Peterson, a scholarship recipient and sophomore at Iowa State University, delivered the keynote address at a special social honoring the students held at the Outing Club in Davenport on Sunday, May 15, 2016.

"An acorn fund allows us the flexibility to grow our endowment over time, receive tax advantages, and also support our children's college education."

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