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Three awesome people

The best way for our Community Foundation to make good decisions about the resources that have been entrusted to us is to leave it in the care of a board of directors that are professionals with diverse backgrounds and leaders committed, passionate and reflective of people in our region.

Rolling into 2018

Ideas. The good ones are like snowballs. It just takes one, a little push of inspiration and off it goes, growing greater with every roll.

Important details about year-end giving

With the countdown to 2018 on, we realize that you may be making some final plans for year-end giving. Please know that the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend is here to assist you in facilitating your generosity in a seamless way.

Celebrating you

We're in a season of gratefulness and that's exactly where my head and heart were when I returned from a recent trip to Phoenix, Arizona, for the CEO for Cities National Conference.

A season of change

If you’re like me, there’s a certain nostalgia when autumn arrives. Fall ushers in a season of transformation, of change—the weather, leaves, harvest and migration.

Supporting long-term recovery

If you are reading this from the comfort and safety of your home or office, I am grateful, for as I write this we know thousands of Americans are reeling from the second catastrophic hurricane to hit our shores in the last three weeks.

What you make possible

It’s one of my favorite times of the year, when the warm weather ushers us out the door and into our beautiful Quad Cities.

What are Grantmakers Looking For?

It’s a perennial question from grantseekers: what are grantmakers looking for in the applications they consider and the projects, programs, or organizations they fund? I asked it myself when I was a grantwriter, and now that I’m on the funding side I know the answer(s).

On the cusp of opportunity

We are standing on the cusp of a tremendous opportunity. Right now, America is experiencing one of the largest transfers of wealth in history—from one person to a beneficiary, and the depth of good that it could do for the people in the Quad Cities is unimaginable.

Lessons from Greenville

I recently returned from a trip with 14 other local Quad Citizen leaders to Greenville, South Carolina, as part of CEOs for Cities. The Community Foundation of the Great River Bend made an investment in the opportunity last year because we recognized the strength in bringing together leaders from a cross-section of our community.

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  • "An acorn fund allows us the flexibility to grow our endowment over time, receive tax advantages, and also support our children's college education."

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    Did You Know?

    By 2020, the country will need 1.2 million more nurses to accommodate the aging population. The Quad Cities will need 50 new instructors to meet the needs of the local nursing students entering this field work. We are working together to fill these gaps.
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