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Click the button below to access our online grant system. You can start a new application or access an existing application or report. If it is your first visit to the system, you will be asked to create a new account. Center for Active Seniors, Inc. (CASI) received a Core Mission grant to support computer and technology upgrades in staff offices.

Before you start an application, we encourage you to take three steps:

  1. Review the specific criteria for the grant you want to apply for. You can start at our Grants page.
  2. Use our Grantseeker Resources page, which includes general grant eligibility information and help for using our online grant system.
  3. So that you don't miss any important communication from us, add to your email contact lists. Automated emails from the online grants system will come from this address. (Do not send email to this address.)


If you have questions not answered on our website, or if you'd like to discuss a specific grant opportunity, please call our Grantmaking and Community Initiatives Department at 563-326-2840 or email






"The Endow Iowa Tax Credit was the perfect way to create a fund while taking advantage of the state tax credit.

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By 2020, the country will need 1.2 million more nurses to accommodate the aging population. The Quad Cities will need 50 new instructors to meet the needs of the local nursing students entering this field work. We are working together to fill these gaps.
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