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The idea for the GIFT (Geneseo Is For Tomorrow) family of funds began in 2002 when the Geneseo Chamber of Commerce directors held brainstorming sessions looking for ideas that could propel the community into the future. The idea of a Community Foundation continued to come up.

The Community Foundation of the Great River Bend (CFGRB), based in the Quad Cities, provided a good example and offered support. GIFT was born a component fund of the CFGRB, allowing it to pool assets with the larger foundation for administrative and investment purposes.  GIFT also avoided costs normally associated with the establishment of a foundation and did not have to set up policies and procedures on its own. GIFT also has access to CFGRB's specialized software and other resources.

GIFT's Affiliate Advisory Board was appointed in August 2003 and began the work on marketing the concept in the community.


Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in our Geneseo area by providing a means for permanent charitable giving to meet the needs of all donors for today and tomorrow.

"The Community Foundation gave me the opportunity to give to the most people possible."

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Did You Know?

The Community Foundation of the Great River Bend uses the voices of youth in our area to provide insight on issues in the community.
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