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What does GIFT do?

Do you ever wonder what the future holds for your community, your favorite non-profit organization or other specialized interests? Would you like to be that individual who provides sustainable monies to help meet their goals? The GIFT Foundation, a Geographic Affiliate Fund of the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend, has the means to assist you in creating this lasting legacy. 

GIFT does the work so you can continue the caring for generations to come. We provide convenient and flexible tools to empower our donors to enhance future generational needs with financial security; building a special relationship that extends far beyond your lifetime. GIFT tailors each fund to fit a personal request, which allows the opportunity for unique and customized giving.

No matter what the cause, whether it’s preserving a favored historical site, enriching the fine arts or furthering the education of a well-deserved student, we can help you experience the joy of making a meaningful contribution to impact the present or future needs of your community.

Additional tax advantages, diverse distribution planning and extraordinary resources make GIFT an excellent choice. Together, we can better our community by connecting people who care with causes that matter.


"It would have been a lot harder to go to school without the scholarship. It meant a lot less pressure."

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Did You Know?

Children's Therapy Center has a nonprofit endowment at the Community Foundation to ensure their success for years to come.
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