Fulton Firemen's Fund

The Fulton Fire Department was founded in 1887 to provide fire protection to the City of Fulton, Illinois.  In 1958, the fire department was incorporated into the Fulton Fire Protection District which includes not only the City of Fulton, but the surrounding rural area as well.  Until 2008, the fire station was located at 912 4th Street.  In 2008, the Fulton Fire Protection District constructed a new, much larger firehouse to accommodate all of the equipment needed to provide fire protection to its community.
The fire protection district most often uses money available from this fund to purchase much needed equipment.  Recent examples are pagers, radios, and personal protection equipment needed by firemen and EMS personnel.
Because of this fund, our firemen and EMTs have better personal protection gear working to keep them safe while performing their duties.  The fund has also allowed the district to replace worn out and unreliable communications devices.  New pagers and radios help ensure that our personnel are receiving the emergency pages promptly and clearly so that they can best respond to the emergencies in our community.

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