Friends of FACE Fund

Friends of the FACE Fund is the "unglamorous" operating fund that provides FACE with the day-to-day revenue to pursue its mission of "enriching the community forever through your charitable giving."  Your gift packs a punch by helping to make all that FACE accomplishes possible! 
Fulton's community foundation, FACE, became a reality after the Fulton Chamber of Commerce suggested the need for one during its 2006 strategic planning.  The chamber felt strongly that Fulton needed an easy way for residents to support their favorite local charitable causes, especially as they think through their estate plans.  By 2007 FACE had chosen to affiliate with the much larger Community Foundation of the Great River Bend in order to avail itself of its professional staff and fund management services (several other surrounding small-town community foundations have done the same thing).  That has allowed the FACE board to focus on start up activities like getting the word out about what we are and what we do and, most importantly, focus on getting grants out into the community and helping donors achieve their charitable goals. 
Grants to the community are not made from this fund.  Rather, this fund provides operating dollars for FACE to conduct its business.  Whether it is stationery and postage for thank-yous, a lunch and learn on some aspect of philanthropy, or paying for website updates, there are numerous costs to running the community foundation.  This is the one--and only--fund from which FACE pays its operating expenses.
Especially with FACE being a very young community foundation, it is critical for the FACE board to spend a lot of time and some money to help more people in Fulton and the surrounding area become familiar with what a community foundation is, the many services and options it offers to donors, and the many benefits it provides to area non-profits. 
More than twenty different funds have now been established through FACE by community organizations, individuals, and families.  Those funds are currently generating about $75,000 in annual grants and scholarships.  Those funds would not have happened without the FACE board having the financial wherewithal to write, visit, produce materials, and do all the things that this operating fund makes possible.

"The Foundation ensures that our dollars are used as efficiently as possible."

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The Community Foundation has an Advisors Circle, which recognizes professional advisors who have fostered partnerships between their clients and the Foundation.
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