Dr. Ina Stegen Scholarship

Although Salzburg College first opened its doors in 1971, it wasn't until 2010 that the alumni got serious about banding together.  The impetus was the retirement of the one and only director of the college during that entire time, Dr. Ina Stegen.  And the immediate goal was to establish a scholarship in her name as a most-fitting retirement gift to her from the alumni.
The long term goal is to build up this endowed scholarship fund to a minimum of $80,000--enough to assure that one or more Dr. Ina Stegen scholarships can be awarded each semester for as long as Salzburg College exists!  However, the alumni wanted to be able to begin awarding scholarships right away and not wait until this endowment is sufficiently funded.  Consequently, a sister fund, the Salzburg College Non-Endowed Scholarship fund, has allowed the alumni to award one or more Dr. Ina Stegen scholarships each semester since the spring of 2012.
Salzburg College alumni are a passionate group when sharing the impact that their time at Salzburg College has had on their lives and outlooks.  They realize that being able to study abroad for a semester is a dream many college students have, but fewer realize--and the alumni are doing their part to make a few more dreams a reality.  Although financial need is a component of the selection process, a greater emphasis is put on what each student stands to gain by experiencing Salzburg College--whether it allows someone to have their first experience of being outside the U.S., hone their music skills in one of the preeminent musical cities of the world, build international friendships, or expand their horizons in myriad ways.

"It's amazing how something small can become something great. It blossoms from people caring."

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