Our Geographic Affiliate Funds

BridgeThe Community Foundation of the Great River Bend provides philanthropic services to help meet diverse needs in communities throughout our service area. One way the Community Foundation has achieved this goal is through the development of our Geographic Affiliate Funds. 

What is a Geographic Affiliate Fund of the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend?
A Geographic Affiliate Fund is a component fund, or collection of component funds that serves a county or a city. The Community Foundation of the Great River Bend has met National Standards and is the lead Community Foundation to several Geographic Affiliate Funds. 

Benefits of Becoming a Geographic Affiliate Fund of the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend

  • Legal expertise
  • Administrative staff support
  • Access to the online Affiliate Handbook 
  • Education and marketing guidance
  • Networking
  • Training

Geographic Affiliate Funds are led by a local volunteer Affiliate Advisory Board, made up of community leaders. Each Geographic Affiliate Fund focuses on serving its community and emphasizes local decision-making and grantmaking. In 2003 our first Geographic Affiliate Fund, Geneseo Is For Tomorrow (GIFT), was established. 

The Community Foundation is proud to be the lead Community Foundation to the following Geographic Affiliate Funds in both eastern Iowa and western Illinois:

Supporting Rural Philanthropy

Through its network of Geographic Affiliate Funds, the Community Foundation is working to address the unique set of challenges faced by rural communities in our region. By supporting the Affiliate Advisory Boards in their effort to build endowments and increase strategic grantmaking in their area, the Community Foundation is taking steps to realize its vision of a stronger future for our region.

"The Endow Iowa Tax Credit was the perfect way to create a fund while taking advantage of the state tax credit.

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