It is the Vision of The Amy Helpenstell Foundation Fund to honor the memory and to meet the charitable and educational objectives of Amy E. Helpenstell within the Quad Cities Area by supporting programs for:

  • Youth development
  • Community development
  • Cultural activities
  • Health
Educational Programs

  • Scholarships or other programs
  • Grants to Colleges or Universities
  • For residents of the Quad Cities Area in 
    - Primary 
    - Secondary 
    - Post-Secondary

This fund does not expect to operate programs itself, but rather to provide grants to organizations with programs consistent with the objectives of this fund. It is anticipated that this fund will distribute its annual grants among organizations, and will not generally provide multi-year grants. Grant requests generally will not be solicited. 


"It would have been a lot harder to go to school without the scholarship. It meant a lot less pressure."

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Did You Know?

The Teens for Tomorrow youth philanthropy program has given local students the opportunity to grant more than $70,000 to the community since the program's inception in 2002.
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