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FRANZ 'BUD' HELPENSTELL, The Amy Helpenstell Foundation Fund 

"I am Amy's father and Board Chair. Amy was a most caring, 
compassionate person
and she greatly loved our community. As the Board makes grants we focus on those
areas that Amy 
was most passionate about. We feel this is as she would want and it's
our way of honoring her memory."












ESTA HELPENSTELL, Rock Island, Illinois 

Amy's mother and Vice President of the The Amy Helpenstell Foundation Fund passed 
away on August 5, 2011. Esta took great comfort in knowing that Amy was doing so much 
good for the community, and she was instrumental in seeing that Amy's legacy continued.












DENISE KIMLER, Rock Island, Illinois 

"I was Amy's co-worker and friend. Amy was very aware of needs existing in our community
and a firm believer in giving 
back to the community. The 'giving back to the community'
through the Foundation is something Amy would have enjoyed doing herself. Our board meetings
get to be quite lively at times 
and Amy's sense of humor would have added to that! It's an 
honor to be able to serve on the board and do what I know Amy would have wanted done."













"As a member of the board I have a special interest in supporting
organizations which foster respect, self reliance, and hope among
the people of the Quad Cities area. Having been a director of several
non-profit organizations, I value those who have strong collaborations
within their communities and whose leadership can clearly communicate
the needs, goals, and outcomes for their services."
ERIC HELPENSTELL, Corvalis, Oregon
Vice President, The Amy Helpenstell Foundation Fund
"It is a true joy to be able to work with the rest of our board as
we continue my sister Amy's life long commitment to helping to
improve the lives of the people in her beloved hometown.There
are many incredible people and organizations dedicated to helping
others in and around the Quad Cities area.The members of the Amy
Helpenstell Foundation Fund are all honored to assist their efforts."












MARK EVERS, Rock Island, Illinois

"The Amy Helpenstell Foundation Fund is a continuation of Amy's dedication
to the betterment of the Quad City community. It is an honor to be a part
of this fund."












KAREN EVERS, Rock Island, Illinois

"I am so honored to be the newest member of the Advisory Committee for the
Amy Helpenstell Foundation Fund. This fund is dedicated to the people and organizations
of the Quad Cities, and I look forward to participating in the stewardship of Amy's charitable legacy." 













"Amy Helpenstell was my best friend. She was one of the classiest
and most brilliant women I have ever had the pleasure to know.
Amy was full of compassion, humor, and community spirit. I am
deeply honored to be a part of the Foundation which is carrying on
her legacy of generosity in giving back to her community."












STEPHANIE ACRI, Milan, Illinois

“Amy’s devotion to the Quad City area is demonstrated through this foundation every day. 
Because of her investment, extraordinary organizations are provided resources to support their
work to enhance many lives.  It brings a smile to my face to think of Amy’s splendid vision and have
the opportunity to learn about these organization’s missions and amazing results.  I am very grateful
for what Amy has done for all of us!”












MARK SCHWIEBERT, Rock Island, Illinois

“Amy Helpenstell’s strong commitment to the community of which she was  part
is continued now through the work of the Foundation she so generously endowed.
It is an honor to help administer the funds that go to support so many organizations in
our region that enrich the lives and empower the afflicted  with hope.”



"It would have been a lot harder to go to school without the scholarship. It meant a lot less pressure."

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