Windmill Area Educators Endowment

Thank you for sharing and supporting the passion the Education Committee has for enriching Fulton, the surrounding communities, and our visitors from around the world--whoever visits the windmill area or attends any of the many informative programs which the committee offers.

Before Fulton’s Windmill Cultural Center even opened in 2010, a group of retired teachers and others interested in education began planning for lots of ways in which to engage and educate people of all ages. Their intent is to educate not only about Fulton’s windmill area, but about diverse topics that foster responsible citizens in a global society. Each year, they impact thousands of visitors to the Windmill Cultural Center through their programming as well as their Education Center.

The Windmill Area Education Committee’s motto is “We welcome. We learn. We educate.” The committee works hard to provide solid, broad, and interesting educational opportunities while engaging people with and in the windmill area.

Every year since 2010, the Education Committee has written and provided curriculum to school and youth groups. Youth and school field trips begin coming in April and continue through October with about 1,000 students participating in recent years.

Every year since 2011, the educators have hosted a very popular adult education program, Wild Winter Wednesdays. A different topic and presenter is featured every week along with light refreshments. Attendees come from lots of communities in our area to listen to music, see a cooking demonstration, view a travelogue, make a craft, learn some history or understand science while also interacting with each other.

The Education Committee also searches out new ideas for engaging and educating the community, including a Mill Flour Bake Off, a Windmill Lego contest, a bistro at the WCC, and being the hostesses for the evening educational programs sponsored by the millers.

"Mary and I have been interested in the issue of hunger in the Quad Cities for many, many years. It is great to be able to have an impact."

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