Vera French Foundation Endowment


Vera French Foundation Endowment Fund in the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend exists to raise, manage, and grant charitable support to Vera French Community Mental Health Center.

A contribution to the Vera French Foundation Fund boosts center funding for needs beyond annual operating support provided by Scott County, the State of Iowa, managed-care providers, and United Way – items and services critical to the center's existence.

As a supportive endowed fund, we work to enhance center facilities, programs, and unmet needs to ensure the highest quality mental health care possible for everyone in Scott County and the surrounding area.

Projects funded entirely by the foundation include:

  • Sponsorship of YMCA Youth Camperships
  • Establishment of a clients' needs account for emergency monetary assistance
  • Sponsorship of Housing Rent Scholarships

Projects funded in part by the foundation include:

  • Installation of a new information system
  • Renovation of the center's waiting room
  • Sponsorship of school-based mental health services in Scott County schools
  • Presentation of free YMCA memberships (in collaboration with the YMCA and the Quad City Times)

We invite you and/or your organization to become part of the foundation's ongoing pursuit to preserve and grow one of Scott County's most important resources – the Vera French Community Mental Health Center.

Donations to the foundation are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law as charitable contributions to a 501(C)(3) organization.   

"The Foundation ensures that our dollars are used as efficiently as possible."

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