The Women's Endowment Fund

 The Women's Endowment Fund

For the Good of Womankind 

The Women’s Endowment Fund was established to support charitable programs that benefit local women and girls. Annual grants are made to educate women and girls on becoming financially responsible, helping them become confident in handling day-to-day challenges and building their self-esteem.

Founding Mothers

This fund was created by Christine Jannes, Diane Harris, Judy Kreiter, Tana Hurt, Tana Odean & Vicki Odean. These women have each made a one-time contribution of $1,000 to the fund. Earnings from the pooled money are what has, and will continue to allow the women to make grants to benefit women. Any woman interested in joining the Women’s Endowment Fund may do so by giving $1,000 to the fund. 

On August 31, 2006 the Women’s Endowment Fund gave out its first grant of $500 to Family Resources’ Violence and Intervention Counseling Services. The grant provided support to a domestic violence shelter summer program for children residing in Family Resources’ shelter, or attending counseling sessions.

The power of a woman’s purse often goes unnoticed, but the Women’s Endowment Fund is one more way local women continue to make a difference in the community.

"Jayne's life was taken much too soon, but her spirit continues to live on through her scholarship fund."

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Robert and Hazel Cowles knew they wanted to support the community's needs long into the future, so they turned to the Community Foundation to meet their charitable goals.
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