Ted and Eloise Pfeiff Scholarship I


Roots in Iowa Ted and Eloise Pfeiff Scholarship I

Ted grew up in a single parent home in Burlington, IA. He was the last of four children. After high school, he worked at JI Case and the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad before joining the Army and serving in the Korean War. He was the first in his family to go to college. Ted entered Iowa State Teachers College with funding from the GI Bill and from summer work with the Railroad. As he looks back on 31 years as an Industrial Arts teacher at Sudlow and Wood Junior High in the Davenport school system, he remembers with satisfaction his work helping students learn.

Eloise always wanted to be a teacher, perhaps because her Mother had taught. The family budget was tight so she paid her own way into college. With a Farm Bureau Scholarship and a small loan from her parents, Eloise entered Iowa State Teachers College for a two-year program to become an elementary teacher. After teaching a number of years and taking summer classes, she completed her Bachelor’s degree 10 years later and her Master’s degree after 25 years. She taught second grade in Avoca and Blue Grass, IA before coming to Bettendorf, IA schools. After her daughter was born, she returned to teaching and spent 26 years as a Learning Disability Resource Teacher. She retired in 1992 after 32 years of teaching.

Ted and Eloise met while attending Iowa State Teachers College. When Eloise left to teach in Avoca, they exchanged letters frequently. After Ted finished college, they married. Their life together has been rich with interests and engagement. Ted had a strong interest in amateur radio and sponsored radio clubs in the schools where he taught. Eloise is a past president of Scott County Association for Children with Learning Disabilities. The Pfeiffs have a daughter, Miriam, who is a county naturalist in Northwest Iowa and is married to Rod Patton, an elementary principal.

Ted and Eloise Pfeiff retired from rewarding careers as teachers and decided to make a lasting difference by encouraging the teachers of tomorrow.

For our Future Educators

The Pfeiffs are very involved and interested in giving back to their community. Ted is an advocate for residents of Manor Care, a nursing home, and has served as President of the ACLU and the Quad City World Affairs Council. Eloise volunteers for the LeClaire Public Library. Both Ted and Eloise are long time members and volunteers for Friendship Force, an international organization based on making friends around the world through home stays. Both have served as board members, past Presidents and Exchange Directors.

Ted and Eloise decided to make their ultimate gift to begin a scholarship fund. This scholarship will enable students interested in becoming teachers to go to college without worrying about the heavy burden of debt.

“When you get to the phase in your life when it’s time to return, the Community Foundation can help you return not only treasure, but also some of your time and talent to the community.”

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