Stephen and Donna Enright Acorn Fund


Donna Hawkins was born August 7, 1953, grew up in Port Byron and graduated from Riverdale High School, Port Byron, IL. She said she enjoyed attending a small school, knowing everyone there and being involved in all of the school activities. She married Stephen Enright, and the couple continued to reside in Port Byron.

Donna has worked as a tax assessor, helped manage the car wash she and Stephen owned, worked in retail business at the mall, helped run a farm, and has been a wife and mother to Andrea, Dustin and Philip (her most important job). Donna has also volunteered at the Tugfest for seven years, been on the Port Byron Township Board for eight years, worked with the Riverdale Education Foundation for eight years, is in a golf league and has been a Chamber of Commerce member in three cities.

Donna said that her mother was her strongest charitable influence. Her mother instilled many values in her throughout her life, and Donna has worked to instill these same values in her own three children. Donna and Stephen have always emphasized to them the importance of giving to those who are less fortunate than they. When their children were awarded travel and college scholarships, they became even more aware of the need for monetary assistance among others.

Stephen and Donna chose to manage their philanthropic goals through the community foundation because they wanted more options, to know what the needs of the community were, and to gain giving consistency through budgeting donations. They have managed their donations through the Community Foundation for four years now, their primary charitable interest being granting scholarships.

"We'll be able to do more to preserve historic materials. It's a gift that will help our community for years to come."

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Did You Know?

The Community Foundation made its first grant from the Community Impact Endowment in 1967. That grant, of $2,000, was funded by an estate gift from Bea Conrad.
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