Schuetzenpark Stiftung

The Schuetzenpark Gilde was founded in 1996 in Davenport, Iowa. Kory Darnall is the president of the Gilde, and eight individuals make up the board of directors that includes: Velma Flynn, Leo Ruth, James Stelk, Kory Darnall, Noreen Steenhock, Virginia Ott, Kathryn Hunt, and Bob Stradt.

The Gilde was created to recognize heritages that may have been lost due to time or indifference. The mission of the Gilde is to preserve German-American heritage by maintaining what is left of Schuetzenpark. They also strive to educate the community about this heritage, its significance in the creation of our community and its importance in today’s society.

One of the largest projects undertaken at Schuetzenpark was the Park’s Street Car Halle (waiting pavilion). It was the only remaining original structure in the park. The Gilde also created a new walking path leading up to the pavilion, updated and made repairs in the trails and planted vegetation such as shrubs and trees intended as food for natural wildlife. Every year, the Gilde hosts a “cultural retrospective” on the park grounds. In the past, these retrospectives have included concerts, German Shepherd Dog shows, Volksmarches and other activities derived from German-American culture. In the spring of 2001, they finished building outdoor festival grounds (which they call Festplatz) as a designated location for the annual retrospective events. In the meantime, the Festplatz is used as an educational site for such topics as the natural environment and conservation. For more information on the Schutzenpark Gilde, visit


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