Sandra Foster Miller Charitable Fund


It was a stroke of luck that I was born and raised locally. My life was continually enriched by the hard work and wise business choices of my father and brother. My entire family has greatly benefited from that success and because I was raised with a strong sense of responsibility to my community, I developed a strong desire to give back.

Our diverse community has many worthwhile organizations and ongoing projects. They need help to maintain and sustain their endeavors. Fortunately, we have the Community Foundation that gives us a vehicle for philanthropy for now and in the future. I found it easy and exciting to learn about the Community Foundation. It was a real thrill to establish a Family Charitable Fund. Philanthropy is becoming another way to voice our values.

Women have become extremely important to the pool of charitable giving. Women have found they can be stewards of private wealth. Personally I have been motivated by what needs I have seen in our community. I hope my gifts from the Fund will help to improve the quality of life for others and to bring about positive change. I also hope we can forge a path together for others to see the joy in giving.

I believe an important lesson I have learned on this journey in life is that if you wish to bring inner peace and joy to yourself, you need to try to bring those feelings to others. To me, philanthropy is one of the quickest, easiest and most rewarding ways to accomplish this goal. 

"Through his estate, Ed wanted to provide for his family and give something back to the community."

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The Community Foundation of the Great River Bend uses the voices of youth in our area to provide insight on issues in the community.
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