Richard and Sally Muller Fund


Richard G. Muller was born on February 21, 1931 and Sally S. Muller was born Suzanne Sally Schmidt on October 25, 1925. Richard was born and grew up in Muscoda, WI. He was the second child in the family and the only son of four children. Richard's father ran a small garage and his mother was a school teacher before she married. Sally was born in west Davenport, IA and was also the second child of four. Her father was a sales manager of Crescent Macaroni, a family company and her mother worked in the offices of the same company before she was married.

Richard grew up in a rural village of less than one thousand people. Richard said, “I didn't notice the depression too much in my hometown. The few people who were affected and lagged behind seemed to get most of the help they needed from the community.” He enjoyed school, but the depression did take its toll on the choices available to students. There was not the abundance, which there are in today's schools.

Sally continued her education after high school and received a BS from McMurray College in Jacksonville, IL. After graduation from Muscoda High School, Richard attended University of Wisconsin, Madison and received his BS in Economics. After working for three years he returned to Madison to obtain his MBA.

Before, during and after college Sally maintained her position at Crescent until Richard and Sally's son was born. Richard worked for 12 years at trucking companies until landing a position at Deere & Company. He became the traffic manager of PDC-Milan and retired from the company in 1991 after 24 years of dedicated service.

The Muller's have a love for reading and libraries. For almost twenty years Richard has spent a few hours each month as a volunteer in the Special Collections of the Davenport Public Library. And for over five years he has spent Tuesday's working in the Technical Services area of the Bettendorf Public Library. Richard is also active in the Scott County Iowa Genealogical Society of which he has been a member for more than twenty years; serving several times as President and now as Registrar. He is also a ten-year member of the German American Heritage Center, where he holds the position of Registrar on the Membership Committee.

Sally and Richard have many charitable interest they include just some of the following community organizations: the United Way, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Diabetes Association, Planned Parenthood, Nature Conservancy, University of Wisconsin, McMurray College, and the German American Heritage Center. The Muller's are working with the Community Foundation to achieve their charitable goals because, “a Charitable Giving Fund is an efficient way of converting appreciated stock into a charitable gift that helps the community. I have trust that staff at the Community Foundation will consistently attempt to following our wishes on disposition of donated funds,” said Richard Muller. 

"Our fund allows us to support programs that enhance the lives of children, individuals, families and businesses."

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