Quad City Osteopathic Foundation Endowment


The Quad City Osteopathic Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was established in 1985 with the proceeds from the sale of the Davenport Osteopathic Hospital. The Foundation strives to advance the quality and availability of osteopathic healthcare services and the education of osteopathic healthcare professionals in the Quad City community. It also provides grants, loans, scholarships, and donations to further its charitable objectives and purposes. The Quad City Osteopathic Foundation established an endowment fund with the Community Foundation to carry out its charitable actives and enhance the healthcare of Quad City residents.

"Our fund allows us to support programs that enhance the lives of children, individuals, families and businesses."

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Did You Know?

The Community Foundation made its first grant from the Community Impact Endowment in 1967. That grant, of $2,000, was funded by an estate gift from Bea Conrad.
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