Quad City Montessori School Endowment


The Quad City Montessori Association was founded in 1969 by a group of dedicated parents. To this day the school remains parent-owned and directed. Quad City Montessori School held its first classes in the fall of 1970, making it the first Montessori School in the area. The school prides itself on practicing respect and responding to the child’s developmental needs for freedom within limits. It is designed to take full advantage of self-motivation and the unique abilities of young children to develop their own potential.

Through its endowment fund with the Community Foundation, Quad City Montessori School will continue to carry out its mission of providing the environment and the resources necessary for children to develop lifelong learning skills.

To learn more about QuadCityMontessoriSchool, visit www.qcms.org.

"Our fund allows us to support programs that enhance the lives of children, individuals, families and businesses."

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The Teens for Tomorrow youth philanthropy program has given local students the opportunity to grant more than $70,000 to the community since the program's inception in 2002.
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