Ozzie Osterberg Team Spirit Scholarship

The road to a championship is built through the dedication and contributions of all who love the game of softball.  Whether it is the coaches or the developmental teams; the hard work and ‘grit’ of former players; the timeless support of parents and family, or the tireless work of the coaching staff…all of this has shaped and formed Pleasant Valley softball to what it is today.
This scholarship was established by the Pleasant Valley Schools Educational Foundation (PVSEF) to honor this spirit and to do so in the name of the father of Coach Lori Duncan, Ozzie Osterberg.  Over the years, the PVSEF has deeply admired all that Oz brought to the program.  He was always there; he was always supportive; he always did whatever was asked of him.  His actions embody the spirit of what so many have done over the years and which is an important part of the success of any team.
The Ozzie Osterberg Team Spirit Scholarship is endowed and will annually award a $1,000 scholarship to a Pleasant Valley High School senior female athlete who most symbolizes the values of teamwork.  Softball will be given first preference, but it can go to an individual from any team.  The requirements are that they have participated in the sport for four years through their senior year, and that they have embodied the spirit that is so much a part of Ozzie.
The Pleasant Valley Schools Educational Foundation Board of Directors landed on the idea of a scholarship because they believe it is a permanent way to honor the man and the values that are so important to team success and the success of Pleasant Valley graduates.
"It would have been a lot harder to go to school without the scholarship. It meant a lot less pressure."

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