Michelle Gau Scholarship for Alleman High School


The Michelle Gau Scholarship for Alleman High School was set up to honor Michelle Gau’s 32 year service to Alleman Catholic High School. Michelle is a talented educator, administrator and leader who has spent 3 decades of tireless commitment to Alleman students, parents and staff. This scholarship will enable Alleman students to receive tuition assistance. 

Over the last decade Michelle helped students gather more than 2 million pounds of food for the Student Hunger Drive. She founded a student ambassador program that created the Sigma Alpha Delta program. This program gives students the chance of pledging to not drink alcohol.

 Michelle served in many roles to include being a mathematics teacher, having tutored hundreds of students, assisting in the Drama department, Booster Club and Athletic department. She also handled the schools web site content. The list goes on….

This scholarship is a way to recognize Michelle Gau's everlasting contributions and tireless support of Alleman Catholic High School by benefiting the students she loved so much.


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The Teens for Tomorrow youth philanthropy program has given local students the opportunity to grant more than $70,000 to the community since the program's inception in 2002.
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