Meier Family Foundation Fund

Family Philanthropists

The Iowa 80 Truckstop and CAT Scale Company is known to travelers around the country. From truckers to weary families looking for a break from the road and a hot meal, it has been a welcoming stop along the way for nearly 50 years.

William “Bill” Moon Sr. and Carolyn Moon chose that spot carefully, built it into the world’s largest truckstop and used it as the cornerstone for the Iowa 80 Group, Inc., a business that now operates in nine states. Delia Moon Meier, Senior Vice President of the Iowa 80 Group and the middle child of Bill and Carolyn, reflects fondly on her childhood. “Dad and Mom were committed to the business, but they always made sure my siblings and I, and employees too, knew the value of giving back to the community.” No charity in the Walcott area was ever denied a charitable contribution from the business.

“People would show up to talk and ask dad for advice,” said Delia. “No matter how busy, he would always take the time to visit with his guests and share what he believed about business and life.” Delia’s brother, Will Moon, is President and her husband, Dave Meier, is the Iowa 80 Trucking Museum curator. Dave and Delia’s daughters work at the truck stop during the summer. Bill Moon passed away in 1992, but Carolyn Moon still serves as chairman and also provides technology assistance at the corporate office. “Our family recognizes the importance of being good business leaders and community supporters,” says Delia. “As our daughters advance in the business, their responsibility will increase, and we want to make sure they have positive experiences and opportunities for learning. We created the Meier Family Foundation Fund at the Community Foundation for our daughters. Through this endowed fund, our girls experience philanthropy, decision-making, teamwork, and the satisfaction of giving back.”

Next Generation Philanthropists

Each year their daughters award grants to charities of their choice. The sisters conduct research and site visits before making their final grant decisions. Two of their favorite causes are the Burn Unit at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital and Rivermont Collegiate in Bettendorf. “On our first trip to the hospital, my sisters and I knew we needed to help the kids that were working hard to get better,” said Lana Meier. “We asked the hospital to use our donation to purchase toys – lots of toys – for the kids in the Burn Unit. We liked that we were kids helping other kids.”

Corporate Philanthropists

Delia and her brother, Will, also partner with the Community Foundation for some of their corporate philanthropy. The Iowa 80/CAT Scale Go Iowa Fund, also an endowed fund, provides a structure for employees and the community to request money to support Iowa based charities. This fund also gives Iowa 80 Truckstop employees the opportunity to participate on the fund’s Grant Committee. “Being part of the Grant Committee for the Iowa 80/ CAT Scale Go Iowa Fund has been a great experience,” said Heather DeBaillie, Marketing Manager at the Iowa 80 Group. “It has been very rewarding to see the passion our employees have for helping our community and the impact our fund is having on local programs.” As a business and as a family, the Moons and the Meiers serve the community and are making a difference throughtheir charitable work.

"It's amazing how something small can become something great. It blossoms from people caring."

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Did You Know?

The Teens for Tomorrow youth philanthropy program has given local students the opportunity to grant more than $70,000 to the community since the program's inception in 2002.
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