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LULAC Council #10 of Davenport, IA was founded in 1959.  Henry Vargas had approached a number of second generation Mexican Americans of Davenport about organizing a LULAC council to advance the interests of the Latino community.  One of the first volunteer efforts of LULAC Council #10 members was to help The Heart Foundation raise money through a house-to-house campaign.  Members soon became involved in promoting Latino interests before the Davenport City Council and the Davenport School District, and carrying out a voting registration, and get out the vote drives during election years.   It was successful in educating the Latino community to take a more active role in government.

The Council coalesced with the NAACP and other interested groups to successfully lobby for a paid Director of the Davenport Civil Human Rights Commission and has always had a representative serving on the commission.  The Davenport council also was successful in filing discrimination employment complaints for Latinos with the local civil rights commission, the Iowa Civil Right Commission, the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance.

The Council persuaded the Davenport School District to establish a bilingual program at Jefferson Elementary School where a majority of Spanish-speaking children were enrolled.  The Davenport School District implemented the program and was so pleased with it that a year later they extended it to other grades at the school.  The Bilingual Program, as well as an English as a Second Language Program, are now well established in the school district.  Members of the council in later years cooperated with the district to recruit Latino teachers in the Southwest.  One of its members accompanied recruiters on their southwestern recruitment trips.

One of its primary programs was the establishment of a LULAC Scholarship in 1975.  Since 1975, LULAC Council 10 has awarded over $350,000 in scholarships to deserving young students entering or enrolled in college.  Money raised locally by the Council for scholarships is sent to the LULAC National Educational Service Center, which administers the LULAC National Scholarship and provides matching monies to the funds submitted by the local council.  Matching funds vary from year to year but historically range from 60% to near a 100% match.  Many of the Mexican American career professionals in this area owe their success in part to the scholarships they received from.

"Through his estate, Ed wanted to provide for his family and give something back to the community."

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