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Judy and Richard Kreiter are partners in philanthropy and are committed to advancing the quality of life in our community. Their interests lie in health care, education, the arts, the environment and a myriad of socially useful programs to which they have generously contributed their time, talent, and financial support.

Richard was born and raised in Davenport, IA. He attended Davenport Central High School and excelled in athletics as well as academics. Richard was a halfback on the CHS football team, playing well enough to make the All-State team. He then went on to receive a degree from Grinnell College where he majored in Biology and Chemistry. After attending medical school at Columbia University for one year, he worked in a research lab and then continued his medical education at the University of Iowa, graduating in 1965. Richard completed a rotating internship at Cincinnati General Hospital and a year of general surgery residency at Gundersen Clinic in LaCrosse, WI. Following military service during the Vietnam War in Saigon and at Valley Forge Orthopedic Hospital, he completed an orthopedic residency at the University of Tennessee Campbell Clinic in Memphis.

Judy Lutz grew up in an unpretentious farm community in Illinois where she attended a one-room elementary school and a small high school. Her father died when she was in high school but her mother managed to send Judy and her two younger sisters to the University of Illinois. After graduating in 1957, Judy's first job was as a Physical Education teacher at Davenport Central High School. She then taught Physical Education at J.B. Young Junior High School for four years and for two years in Iowa City after she and Richard were married. Judy met Richard in the fall of 1960 and they were married three years later. Their daughter, Paula, was born in LaCrosse, and their other daughter, Andrea, was born at Valley Forge. Their sons, David and Carl, were born in Memphis, TA giving the Kreiters four children under six years of age. In 1972 Richard established an orthopedic practice in Clinton and four years later he opened another in Davenport.

Richard has been a regular contributor to his alma maters, Grinnell College and the University of Iowa Medical School. He has also supported St. Ambrose University on a variety of levels. When Richard and his colleagues moved from their office building on West Lombard Street, they donated it to St. Ambrose for use as the Children's Campus. With other colleagues, Richard helped the community center in DeWitt expand to become a center that provides rural health care. Currently, he is developing a clinic in Durant to meet that community's medical needs.

For many years Richard has been a strong supporter of St. Luke’s and Mercy Hospitals, now Genesis Medical Center. He has been actively involved with the Genesis Foundation Board along with the United Way of the Quad Cities Area. A longtime member of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Richard has been active in many of the programs it sponsors, including Men in Mission and Camp Shalom, a Christian camp for youth and families located near Maquoketa.

Judy has worked side-by-side with her husband at Camp Shalom and participated in the youth mission trip to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. She served for two years as president of the Congregation Council. An outstanding example of Judy's community involvement has been her work with the Mississippi Valley Girl Scout Council and with the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend. Judy's interest in scouting began when she was teaching at J. B. Young and served as advisor to the Senior Scout Program. Soon after that, she spent three summers as the Assistant Director of Camp Conestoga, and three more years as the Director. Some years later, she was elected to the Girl Scout Council Board and, as its president, provided the leadership for its building campaign and self-evaluation program.

Judy was elected to the board of the Davenport Area Foundation in 1992 and soon became its president. Through her vision and leadership, the Foundation evolved into the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend with new challenges and opportunities to respond to in an expanding community and its increasing needs. Having completed her seven-year term on the Board, with two of these years as Board President, Judy continues to serve on the Asset Development Committee which now is addressing the role of women in philanthropy. As often as Richard and Judy are found chairing a board or attending a committee meeting, they also turn up clearing the land, cooking at Camp Shalom, helping at the Community Foundation office, or caring for a friend.

The Kreiters have touched many parts of the community and many lives with their generosity and compassion. Richard's identity is in his work as a physician; Judy's is in her work as a community volunteer. It is in this context that they have established the Kreiter Family Fund with the Community Foundation. After their deaths, the income from the fund is to be distributed by the Foundation upon advice of their four children. When the last child passes away, the Kreiter Family Fund is to become part of the Foundation’s discretionary endowment. The Kreiter’s intent is “to nourish the idea of giving in our children's hearts and minds. Our children know what has been important to us and will relate that to what matters in their lifetimes.”

"Our fund allows us to support programs that enhance the lives of children, individuals, families and businesses."

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