Junior Board of Rock Island Fund


The Junior Board of Rock Island is women joined in friendship, working together to serve children of our community, primarily by supporting the Visiting Nurse and Homemaker Association (VNHA) by direct volunteer service and fundraising for their child-related causes.

Junior Board has been involved in many innovative fund raising activities over the years. Our most popular and successful event is the annual Mardi Gras Charity Ball. This Pre-Lenten Ball is patterned after the traditional Mardi Gras of New Orleans and has become a Quad Cities tradition.

The monies generated by the Mardi Gras and other fundraising events have enabled Junior Board to make a strong financial pledge to the Visiting Nurse and Homemaker Association of Rock Island County and Care Group Illinois. Due to our continued support, these organizations operate programs and clinics and provide preventive health care to children who may not otherwise obtain routine medical care. In addition, they provide the educational tools vital to the prevention of neglect and abuse. One example of such a program that represents a new endeavor for the Junior Board is the nest program.

The Nest, which is a joint venture between the Junior Board and the Rock Island County Health Department,  is a program that will assist at-risk mothers to be, as well as new mothers throughout Rock Island County. It encourages proper pre-natal, as well as infant care through education, and by doing so, enables the mothers to acquire much needed infant equipment and supplies such as car seats, diapers, and infant carriers. Junior Board has not only made a financial commitment to this program, but has also offered hands on volunteer sponsorship from its members.

With the financial support of the community, the Junior Board of Rock Island continues its ongoing commitment to serving the needs of our children.

To learn more about the Junior Board of Rock Island, visit info@jbri.org

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