J. Randolph and Linda M. Lewis Foundation Fund



John Randolph (Randy) and Linda Lewis have a passion for life, art, and the Quad City community they’ve grown to love.

During a recent visit on July 1st – Canada Day – Randy spoke about growing up in Ontario.  His father was a doctor and his mother taught violin.  Of the seven children in the Lewis family, Randy was the most musically inclined.  He was also the first boy which, according to him, gave him all the “advantages.”

At the age of 15 Randy was awarded a scholarship to the Royal Conservatory of Toronto at the University of Toronto.  Upon deciding that he would make a better music instructor than musician, Randy decided on a different career path. He ultimately chose to study cardiovascular medicine – in part with influence from his father and in part because he knew he wanted to be an expert in something.  Randy enjoys having a thorough understanding of a subject or activity.

While attending Queens University, Randy met his bride-to-be, Linda.  She attended Queens University studying physiological psychology, the study of the brain and behavior.  Linda was a successful academic and enrolled in the graduate program at McGill University earning a master’s degree in physiological psychology.

Randy and Linda married in 1968.  They moved to Africa for two years igniting a passion for art and travel.  In 1977 a job offer brought them to the U.S. and provided the perfect opportunity to purchase their first piece of furniture – a Steinway grand piano.  With their two children in tow, ages 6 months and 6 years, the Lewis family moved to Dubuque, Iowa.  In 1988 the family moved once more when Randy accepted a position with Cardiovascular Medicine, P.C. in Davenport, Iowa.

The Lewises consider the Quad Cities a great place to live and grow. They find that it presents many opportunities for culture and careers.  They admit that they didn’t set out to live in the U.S. for over 35 years but, as time passed, they realized how generous people in this area are.  They feel lucky to live and have raised their family here. Randy retired in 2011 and is now able to focus on more of the things he wants to do, rather than the things he has to do.

Aside from art, travel, music, and family, the Lewises possess an innate ability to tune into the needs of others.  This is apparent through their volunteer work and support of community organizations.  Randy and Linda’s son Patrick suffers from a chronic mental illness requiring special care.  Witnessing the effects of his condition contributes to the compassion they feel for individuals struggling with mental illness.  Vera French Housing Corporation serves an important role in the life of their son Patrick.  One of the ways they support Vera French is through the J. Randolph and Linda M. Lewis Fund at the Community Foundation.

The J. Randolph and Linda M. Lewis Foundation Fund was established to provide for charitable causes that are important to Randy and Linda.  Their interests include the arts, environment, and health and human services.  This is an endowed fund, and each year the Lewises can recommend grants from the fund to support the causes they choose.  After their lifetimes, their daughter Anne will serve as the fund advisor for a portion of the amount available for distribution.  The rest is designated to specifically named charities selected by Randy and Linda.

Another way Randy supports causes in the community - and uses his ear for music, is through the annual Genesis Recital for Music Therapy.  When the Lewises are not volunteering or traveling, they enjoy many hobbies together but they also enjoy some activities individually.  Linda enjoys gardening and Randy has recently taken up playing the guitar.  Randy decided to pick up the guitar because he thrives on continuing to learn new things…and his tennis game was frustrating him.  He also enjoys reading even though he admittedly doesn’t retain much, he jokes.

It doesn’t take long to figure out that both Randy and Linda have a love of life, people, and learning.  Their goals are “to have a feeling of doing good while they’re on this earth” and remind people that “many people work hard and don’t have the things we have.”

Randy and Linda are always learning and have a curiosity of people and the way the world works.  Their hope for others is to “be fair, be kind, and help those less fortunate.” They also commented “travel breeds tolerance, educate yourselves.”

The Community Foundation of the Great River Bend is proud to partner with the Lewises to help them achieve their charitable goals. In the words of Randy and Linda, “Be inspirational.”


"We build the community through construction, and through corporate philanthropy, we are able to give back."

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