Irma L. Jepsen Donor Advised Fund


Irma Jepsen was a resident of northwest Davenport, IA all of her life. She remembered back to when her grandfather owned a pasture on the west side of Mercy Hospital, now Genesis West. Irma’s early life revolved around her father, mother, and sister. Her father owned the Jepsen Pharmacy, two blocks from her grandparents’ home. Sadly, she lost her parents and sister during the 1950s. She remained in her family home for many years, enjoying familiar surroundings, staying active in sports, and traveling with friends.

Irma graduated from Davenport High School, now Davenport Central High School, and attended St. Ambrose University for two years. She liked mathematics and science, which at that time were unusual fields for a woman to be interested in. She started her career as a bookkeeper for a local dress making company. While at the dress company, Irma learned the valuable skills of accounting, dictation, stenography and purchasing. This knowledge would eventually help her obtain a position with Davenport Bank & Trust Company. She worked in accounting and auditing for the bank until she retired at the age of 50, having enjoyed her career immensely.

It was during her time at the bank that Irma first became interested in charitable organizations. Through bank meetings, Irma came into contact with people from many local charities. She was an active volunteer for many years and she particularly enjoyed her membership at the Putnam Museum. Irma shared a passion for giving back and she did so through donating her time and talents. She once said, “I want to help the community where I grew up and lived for many years.” Irma’s charitable fund established with the Community Foundation will forever support her community and the organizations she loved.

"Teens for Tomorrow gave me an understanding of local issues and the opportunity to support organizations that work toward solutions."

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