Iowa Newspaper Foundation Endowment


The Iowa Newspaper Association, a partnership of more than 300 Iowa daily and weekly newspapers, was founded in 1984. Its news, advertising sales service and its foundation help newspapers turn challenges into opportunities. The Association works together to provide the citizens of Iowa with information and leadership for current society, as well as far into the 21st century. Member boards of directors govern the three Association companies and board policies result from committee recommendations.

The Iowa Newspaper Foundation's mission is to champion and improve the quality and future of Iowa's newspaper enterprises and the communities they serve and to raise funds to fulfill this mission. The Iowa Newspaper Association’s vision statement is, “At its best, the Iowa Newspaper Association is comprised of dedicated professionals who care. We, as members, are passionate about quality, success and preserving a free press. We take pride in each newspaper making a positive difference and improving the quality of life in Iowa.”

In addition to creating newspapers, the Association is enhanced by affiliate, associate and academic members whose businesses, backgrounds or educational programs link them to Iowa's newspaper industry. The Iowa Newspaper Association believes that excellent newspapers create more vibrant communities and are a quality-of-life resource for Iowa.

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