Humility of Mary Housing Foundation Endowment


The Humility of Mary sisters, following in the footprints of their founders, strive to be attentive to the call of the Spirit in the signs of the times, especially the needs of the poor and the powerless. They commit themselves as a congregation and as individuals to work for justice within the human family, and also to care for the earth itself. They work for causes like immigration reform, environmental clean-up, breast cancer awareness and the passage of a local city council measures for affordable housing.

 Like those before them, the Humility of Mary Sisters always seek to “build a better world for those who will follow.” Currently, 146 Sisters of Humility and 75 Convent of the Humility of Mary Associates are ministering in the U.S. in 22 different states and also in Mexico, Canada and Haiti.

 In 1896, the Sisters of Humility established St. Vincent’s Home in Davenport, IA as a safe haven for orphans and children whose parents were unable to care for them. Before the home’s closing, thousands of children had found solace, warmth, food and a substitute mother’s love through the compassion of the sisters. Since then, Humility of Mary Housing, Inc. has rehabilitated 56 affordable housing units in Davenport providing an escape from poverty for the homeless or single-parent families struggling with poverty, pregnancy or lack of education.

"Mary and I have been interested in the issue of hunger in the Quad Cities for many, many years. It is great to be able to have an impact."

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