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As a young man, growing up in Davenport, Iowa, Lorraine Lynch’s husband Gary envisioned one day starting his own business.  He graduated from Davenport West High School, and attended
trade school in Kansas City, coming back to his hometown to get the business that he dreamed of off the ground.

Before that, though, Gary met Lorraine Bordeaux, whom he married in 1970.  Lorraine and Gary became partners in marriage, and in business.  Lorraine likes to say that “Gary was the brains and I am the beauty behind Mid States Transmission Parts, Inc.,” the business that they started together in 1988.  “Okay, I was a supporter,” she adds with a smile.

Building a Business

Lorraine worked for 24 years with John Deere Insurance (JDI) until that division was sold.  She continued working at JDI while the business got off the ground.  “Thank goodness I was working, because all the earnings from MSTP went back into the business for the first two years.  The third year we were excited that Gary started drawing a salary . . . of $100 a week,” she explains.  After two more years, she left JDI and began working side-by-side with Gary.  “We knew we could survive on love . . . and a little less food!” laughs Lorraine.

Their hard work and dedication paid off as the company grew, with the help of loyal and hardworking staff members.  Finally, in 1993, Gary and Lorraine were able to build a house and enjoy some time together traveling to Europe, Istanbul, and Aruba, among other exotic locales. They also expanded their family to include many Golden Retrievers, including Barney, Chanzee, Mandy, Buddy and Sammy among others, all of whom they loved.

Determination and Dedication

Perseverance and commitment were not something the Lynches demonstrated only through their business.  They both enjoyed getting involved in the community.  Gary enjoyed membership in the Bi-State Bass Club and other professional associations.  But it was his involvement with the Rotary Club of North Scott that became his passion.  “He served as President of the club and was considered a model Rotarian,” says Lorraine.

In 2003, Gary was hospitalized for 12 weeks after emergency back surgery and it was doubtful he would walk again – but he did.  “Failure is not an option,” he averred on May 16, 2003, when he returned to Rotary and received a standing ovation.

The Passing of a Beloved Friend, Businessman and Husband

Gary Lynch passed away on Christmas Day, 2009.  “His kind spirit and wonderful personality, along with his incredible dedication to anything he put his mind to made Gary an inspiration to all who knew him. Mid States employees were proud to have worked for him.  We all miss him.” says Lorraine of her husband of 40 years. 

With no children of their own, Lorraine has continued the philanthropy that she and Gary started as a couple.  She is very active with numerous charitable causes including the Scott County Humane Society, the Putnam Museum, Scott Community College, Habitat for Humanity, Gilda’s Club and especially the North Scott Rotary.   In 1998, when Gary joined the North Scott Rotary Club, the Lynch’s philanthropy had been progressively growing, particularly to the Rotary club’s scholarship program.  In 2014, Lorraine established an endowed scholarship in Gary’s name with Rotary International. 

Community Foundation Helps Organize Her Philanthropy

Looking to approach her philanthropy in a more strategic and organized manner, Lorraine turned to the Community Foundation.  In 2013, Lorraine established the Golden Lynch Foundation Fund.  The name of the fund reflects Gary and Lorraine’s shared love of Golden Retrievers.  She decides
the timing of her charitable gifts into the fund, and then makes grant recommendations to the causes that she wants to support at her convenience.  Her fund is online and provides her with easy access to records about all of her charitable gifts.  “I enjoy giving back and I am so happy that I am in a position that allows me to do this,” said Lorraine.

Lorraine started a similar fund, the Mid States Transmission Parts Foundation Fund, to manage the charitable giving of her and Gary’s business. Again, she uses her online account and recommends grants to the causes that the business chooses to support throughout the community.

Permanent Support for Causes that Matter

In 2014, Lorraine established a third fund called the Golden Lynch Endowment for the Humane Society.  She participated in the Community Foundation’s 50th Anniversary Endowment Challenge and created this new endowment that annually will provide support to the Scott County Humane Society.  Once again, the name of the fund reflects their affection for the many Goldens that were part of their family over the years.

Enjoying the Legacy They Created

Gary is no longer with her, but Lorraine continues their family legacy of giving back to the community they have called home.  Even as she continues to work hard at the business she and Gary built together, she finds time for adventures.  She tackled an African safari in 2014, and is building a new house.  In between all of these activities and work she is busy with friends, the Rotary Club, and numerous other causes important to her.

The Community Foundation is proud to be working side-by-side with Lorraine as she carries out the Lynch family’s legacy of caring for this community.



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