Edgerton Women's Health Center Endowment Fund


Edgerton Woman's Health Center (formerly known as Maternal Health Center. Inc.) is dedicated to providing quality women’s health care through medical service, education and referrals. Commitment is made up of dedication, expertise, and service, and the Edgerton Women's Health Center of Davenport embodies all of these qualities.

Edgerton Women's Health Center (EWHC) began in 1972 out of the prenatal program, and the Visiting Nurse Association. For the first time, an organization was developed for distribution of public family planning services in Davenport. With its staff of over 50 trained employees, the agency is committed to providing non-profit prenatal care to the greater Quad Cities community, and offers a wide variety of nutrition services, such as the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program in Scott County.

EWHC provides care and education for thousands of patients a year, including services such as general gynecology and gynecological surgery, cancer screening and follow up services, sexually transmitted disease screening and treatment, male and female sterilization, and genetic and infertility counseling.  These services are provided with the belief that every person deserves the education and treatment that they need. Raising healthy children is also very important to the EWHC staff. Obstetricians, certified nurse midwives, a health educator, a social worker, nurses, and registered dieticians are all available on site to help with prenatal through post partum care, as well as nutrition and adoption counseling.

EWHC has a proven track record of providing quality family planning and is proud of its' history of delivering healthy babies in the Quad City community. Those who need direct personal services are not the only ones benefiting from EWHC commitment. Health education presentations are made to local churches, schools, civic organizations, social service committees, and several health care concern task forces, with a major focus on teen pregnancy prevention. EWHC is working hard to address current needs of the people of the Quad Cities community as well as educate for the future. 


"We build the community through construction, and through corporate philanthropy, we are able to give back."

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