Donald Krambeck Gift Annuity


How the Community Foundation Impacts Krambeck's CommunityDonald Krambeck Gift Annuity

River Bluff, one of 13 affiliates of the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend, is working to improve the quality of life of individuals and organizations located in Clinton County, IA and Whiteside County, IL. Through the newly formed Community Foundation, Don Krambeck was able to arrange a generous gift to his community while providing himself a new income source for the rest of his life.

“I have always tried to give back to the community that has been so good to me,” said Krambeck. “River Bluff Community Foundation afforded me the opportunity to establish a charitable gift annuity to ultimately benefit local charities.”

The amount of Krambeck’s payments is based upon his age. Younger donors can establish gift annuities and defer the income until retirement, yet enjoy tax savings today.

“The River Bluff Community Foundation helped Don create a lasting legacy and we, too, can help other citizens and organizations do the same,” said David Helscher, board member. “His desire to support the less fortunate and his willingness to enhance healthcare services will be accomplished through his gift.”

Krambeck is a retired businessmen and a long-time community leader. He has been a member of many charitable organizations and has volunteered his time and talent to help them succeed. Krambeck is an experienced national fundraiser and advocate for the Alzheimer’s Association.

"It would have been a lot harder to go to school without the scholarship. It meant a lot less pressure."

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