Dennis Norling Charitable Fund


Dennis Norling was born on April 30, 1948 in Moline, IL.  His parents were Hilmer and Thelma Norling.  Hil, born in 1904, worked as a welder and did some of the original welding on the roller dams between Davenport and the Rock Island Arsenal.  He later worked as a foreman at the John Deere Plow Works until his retirement in 1969.   Thelma Norling was a hairdresser and ran her own salon out of the Norling family kitchen.  Thelma died in 1966 and Hil Norling passed away at the age of 95 in 2000.

Dennis graduated from Moline High School in 1966 and Augustana College in 1970.   He taught 3rd Grade at Hamilton school in Moline and then decided to change paths, graduating from the University of Illinois College of Law in 1976.  After a short stint in private practice, Dennis became a Trust Officer at First Midwest Bank, from which he retired in 2000.

Volunteering his time, talent, and resources are important to Dennis. He has volunteered at many local organizations including Friendship Manor, Marriage and Family Counseling, Prairie State Legal Services, Augustana College, Two Rivers YMCA and the Community Foundation.  

He enjoys traveling and hiking in places like Hawaii, Sweden, New Zealand, and Tasmania.   Gardening is another activity which Dennis enjoys very much.   His garden was part of the 2001 Quad City Botanical Center Garden Walk.   Dennis also plays the pipe organ and is a substitute organist for several Quad Cities churches.

Dennis credits Tom and Karen Getz, both of whom are very community-minded and generous, with being the models which sparked his interest in volunteering and charitable giving.  Dennis says "By their example, Tom and Karen taught me that giving of both your time and assets is an obligation for those who have the resources to do so." 

Dennis established a charitable giving fund in his last working year when his income and tax bracket were relatively high.  By funding it with a gift of low basis stock, he was able to take an immediate income tax deduction for the entire market value (when he needed it most) and avoided paying any capital gains tax on the appreciated stock.  Now although his income is lower, gifts from the Fund, rather than his checkbook, continue to benefit the charities he had always supported.  He also has the option of making additional gifts to the Fund in the future if he so chooses. 

“My ponderings about my nest egg, and the needs of Humility of Mary Housing, Inc. seemed like a match! And the Community Foundation is the matchmaker."

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