DeLaCerda House Endowment


DeLaCerda House Inc. provides transitional housing for individuals with HIV/AIDS. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, sexual orientation or income. The DeLaCerda House staff work with clients who deal with several simultaneous difficulties besides a terminal illness, such as poverty, a criminal background, substance abuse, and other medical issues. DeLaCerda House, Inc. is a State of lllinois and federally tax exempt organization. Its income is derived from private donations, HOPWA (Housing for Opportunities for Persons Living With AIDS) and grants from Foundations and Corporations.

The mission of DeLaCerda House, Inc is to offer advocacy services for persons living with HIV/AIDS in the Quad Cities area and surrounding counties. “Robb’s House”, one of the homes, is for individuals who are unable to secure safe affordable housing for themselves. Further, DeLaCerda House will maintain a transitional facility for clients in emergency need while assisting them in obtaining permanent living arrangements.

The history of DeLaCerda House dates from the spring of 1993 when Jim DeLaCerda returned home from California. He lived out the last months of his life with support from friends and family. Jim was a nurse practitioner who spent his last 10 years nursing individuals with AIDS in San Francisco as well as Cook County Hospital in Chicago. He was instrumental in the creation of the hospital's first HIV/AIDS unit. Jim died of complications due to AIDS on May 1, 1993.

The residence was initially leased but purchased after two years with funds raised from a funding drive. The house was named in honor of Robb Dussliere who was the leading spirit during the renovation period. Robb died of AIDS four weeks before DeLaCerda House opened its doors. Besides communal areas and five single bedrooms where residents can stay up to three years, a separate room is maintained for emergency cases for a maximum of 30 days. Volunteers perform major housekeeping and grounds maintenance. Food is not provided but often donated, as are housekeeping supplies. The residence is located near bus lines but transportation is offered for visits to doctors, pharmacies, and other essential trips. The DeLaCerda House, Inc. Endowment helps support the offered residential services. The Fund will help perpetuate the mission of the DeLaCerda House - in fact, the DeLaCerda House itself.


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