Community Impact Endowment (CIE) Contributors

The Community Impact Endowment (CIE) is a permanently endowed fund supported by more than 100 generous donors* with unrestricted gifts totaling over $11 million. This fund allows the Community Foundation flexibility to respond to unmet needs in the community, as they arise and vary from year to year. We appreciate the thoughtfulness of the caring donors who have given a gift to this fund and encourage you to read this story about one of our first donors to the Community Impact Endowment.

Phillip Adler
Richard Anderson
Nancy Baker
Florence Barclay
Thomas Bates
Joyce Bawden
Jeanette Bergstrom
Hilda Engle Binder
Robert Boeye
John and Meg Burrows
Community Health Services
Beatrice Conrad
Robert and Hazel Cowles
A.E. Dickeson
Lillie C. Diedrich
Doris and Victor Day Foundation
Hilda Dvorak
Paul and Beverly Eckert
First Bank
Frank Folwell
Fort Madison SIRRC 
Linda Fulrath
Funders' Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities
Louise Gerbers
Mary (Waterman) Gildehaus
Clarence Community Fund 
Clarence Gittings
Joan Gruenwald
William Hageboeck
Hallene Family Foundation, Inc.
Merlin Hellman 
Hofmann Family 
Irma Jepsen
Vernona Jepsen
Kirk Johnson
Judith Kiley
Kloppenborg Foundry
Walter Kruse
Peter Lardner
John & Pat Lujack 
Clarence & Margaret "Louise" Math
Ron McGauvran
Ray and Jill McLaughlin
Henry Meese
Shirley Meredith
Ella Meyer
William Mobley
Alfred Neugebauer
Henry and Linda Neuman
Chris Ontiveros
Pranav Patel
Marsha and Don Pedersen
Louise Petersberger
Donna Petersen
Charles Porter
Stan Reeg
Bruce and Sherry Ristau
Regional Development Authority (formerly Riverboat Development Authority)
Riverside Scholarship Fund
Mary Lucile Robeson
Stephen Schalk
John and Bette Schmid
Scott County Regional Authority
Ed Seyfried
Sivright Family Endowment
Susan S. Skora
Sumner Spiegel
Dickylee Spindler
Ben Starrett
Frank Hugo Steffen
Leon Storch
William Stradt
H.M. Sudbrook
Sunshine Club
Paul Tornquist
Paul Treimer
United Way of the QCA
Bill Vinyard Memorial Fund
T.L. Vinyard Trust
Ralph Volkmann
Marlin "Hap" Volz
Mary Hubbell Waterman
Kitty Waterman
Augusta Westphal

*We have carefully reviewed all gifts to the Community Impact Endowment at the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend. Occasionally, despite our best efforts, errors occur. If we have made mistakes on this gift listing, we sincerely apologize. Please alert us to such errors by contacting the Community Foundation at 563-326-2840 or email


"We'll be able to do more to preserve historic materials. It's a gift that will help our community for years to come."

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Did You Know?

The Community Foundation made its first grant from the Community Impact Endowment in 1967. That grant, of $2,000, was funded by an estate gift from Bea Conrad.
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