Funds at the Community Foundation including Geographic Affiliates

The Community Foundation extends our gratitude to the generous donors who have created a fund to support the causes that matter to them.

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312 Gillespie Avenue Historic Foundation Endowment
Aaron Lawrence Memorial Foundation Scholarship
Al and Becky Zwilling Family Fund
Alan and Susan Skora Endowment for the Performing Arts
Alan L. Massie and Jolene D. Massie Endowment
Albany Public Library District Endowment
Alfred and Janice Rickertsen Endowment for Grace Lutheran Camp
American Legion Buffalo Bill Post 347 Scholarship
American/Schleswig-Holstein Heritage Society Endowment
Amy and Fritz Swearingen Endowment in Memory of Judith H. McClure & Arthur F. McClure
Amy Helpenstell Foundation Charitable Fund
Amy Helpenstell Foundation Fund
Anderson Family Farm Fund
Anderson Family Foundation Fund
Animals and Environment Fund
Ann and Rainsford Brown Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Anne and Mark Nagan Endowed Donor Advised Fund
Anne Marie Amacher Donor Advised Fund
Anthony M. Forlini Donor Advised Fund
Aplin Family Foundation Fund
Art Legacy League Fund
Arthur J. and Paulette A. Taylor Foundation Fund
Ascentra Credit Union Foundation Funds
August and Edna Zahatko Scholarship
Azariah and Martha Foster Heritage Endowment
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Ballet Quad Cities Agency Endowment
Barb and Ken Hall Family Fund 
Barbara J. Brown Golden Bulldog Award
Barr Family Charitable Fund
Barry S. and Elizabeth M. Mendeloff Charitable Fund
Basic Human Needs Fund
Becker Family Charitable Fund
Bensmiller Wahlig Family Endowment
Berger Charitable Endowment
Bern Family Foundation Fund
Bettendorf Community Schools Foundation Charitable Giving Fund
Bettendorf Community Schools Foundation Endowment
Bettendorf Community Schools Foundation Stoffers Fund
Bettendorf High School Drama Scholarship
Bettendorf Hy-Vee Scholarship
Bettendorf Pleasant Valley Business and Education Partnership Fund
Bettendorf Public Library Foundation Endowment
Bettendorf Rotary Foundation Fund
Bettendorf Veterans Memorial Endowment
Big Brothers/Big Sisters Youth Mentoring Endowment
Bill and Alice Mary Meier Scholarship
Bill and Ellen Stradt Scholarship
Bill and Helen Iten Family Endowment
Bill and Hilda Macomber and The Alta Kahl Scholarship
Bishop Hill Heritage Association Endowment
Bi-State Literacy Council Endowment
Bonnie Keppy Moeller Endowment
Boys and Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Valley Endowment
Brand-Boeshaar Foundation Fund
Braveheart Children's Advocacy Center Charitable Giving Fund
Braveheart Children's Advocacy Center Endowment
Break the Cycle Fund
Breckenridge Family Scholarship
Brent and Sharon Brodeski Charitable Fund
Brett Greenwood "Total Effort" Scholarship
Buffalo Bill Museum Endowment
Burlington Downtown Lightscape Improvement Fund
Burlington Iowa Kiwanis Club Activities Scholarship
Burlington Notre Dame Foundation Fund
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Cafe On Vine Endowment
Cal Werner, Jr. Foundation Fund
Calvary Hill Cemetery Endowment
Camp Courageous of Iowa Endowment
Camp Shalom Endowment
Carl and Ethel Schacht Scholarship
Carol E. Stradt Memorial Endowment for Fairmount Cemetery
Caroline Kimple Charitable Endowment
Caroline Kimple Endowment
Carolyn and Bob Frick Charitable Giving Fund
Carolyn and Joseph Martin Family Scholarship
Carroll Family Foundation Endowment
CASI - Tributes for Dignity Endowment
Catherine Weideman Charitable Giving Fund
Catherine Weideman Foundation Fund
Catholic Diocese of Davenport Endowment
Catholic Endowment of Bettendorf, Iowa, Inc.
Cathy Wales Scholarship Fund

Center for Alcohol and Drug Services, Inc. Endowment
Center for Belgian Culture Quad Cities: Illinois/Iowa
Center for Youth and Family Solutions, Inc. Endowment
Center for Youth and Family Solutions, Inc. Fund
Central Community Historical Society Endowment
Central Community Schools Educational Foundation Fund
Central High School Teacher Education Scholarship
Charles and Marilyn Holmes Foundation Fund
Charles B. Preacher Scholarship for Augustana
Charles B. Preacher Scholarship for St. Ambrose
Charlotte Capen Foster Endowment
Cheryl A. Fahrenkrong Fund for Salvation Army
Child Abuse Council Endowment
Children at Risk Endowment

Children, Youth and Seniors Fund
Children's Therapy Center of the Quad Cities Endowment
Chip Sunderbruch Memorial Risk Management Endowment
Chitneni Family Scholarship
Christ in Action Charitable Giving Fund
Christ United Methodist Church of Davenport Endowment 
Christ United Methodist Church of Davenport Endowment for Children in Poverty
Christ United Methodist Church of Davenport Parsonage Endowment

Christian Care Endowment Fund
Christine Harvey Scholarship
Chung Kim Foundation Fund
Church of All Saints Endowment
Churches United Hunger Endowment
Churches United of the Quad City Area Endowment
Cities and Neighborhoods Fund
City of Houghton Fund
City of West Point Parks and Recreation Fund 
Clarence Community Fund - Charitable Giving Fund
Clarence Community Fund - Community Impact Endowment
Clarissa C. Cook Hospice House Endowment
Clements Family Charitable Giving Fund
Clifford and Louise King Scholarship
Clifford and Marjorie Klose Endowment
Coats for Kids Endowment
Coe Noack Memorial Scholarship
Collins Family Foundation Fund for Minority Education
Colonel Davenport Historical Foundation
Community Action of Eastern Iowa Endowment
Community Care Endowment
Community Choir of Geneseo Endowment
Community Choir of Geneseo Fund
Community First Bank Endowment
Community Foundation of Cedar County Endow Iowa County Endowment
Community Foundation of Des Moines County Community Impact Endowment
Community Foundation of North Lee County Community Impact Endowment
Community Foundation of Van Buren County Endow Iowa County Endowment
Community Foundation of Van Buren County Endow Iowa Match Fund
Community Foundation of Van Buren County Unrestricted Endowed Fund
Community Impact Endowment
Community Services of Fort Madison Fund
Communityworks Endowment
Complex Charitable Fund
Complex Endowment
Cordova Scholarship
Corky Kress Golf Scholarship
Craig Manwaring Memorial Scholarship for UT

Creative Arts and Culture Fund
Crystal Neuhaus Memorial Scholarship
Cyndy J. Behrer Scholarship
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D. Landphair Family Fund
D.S. Flikkema Foundation Fund 
Dale E. and Marie Z. Ziegler Charitable Giving Fund
Dan and Jenny Molyneaux Charitable Giving Fund

Dan and Pat D'Alessandro Engineering Scholarship
Dare to Dream Foundation of the Quad Cities Fund
Dave and Delia Meier Foundation Fund
Dave and Ellie Everitt Endowment for the Scott County Family YMCA
Dave Slater Business Scholarship for ISU
Dave Slater Environmental and Conservation Scholarship
Davenport Central Auditorium Enhancement Fund
Davenport Lend A Hand Endowment
Davenport Woman's Club Endowment
David and Lida Flikkema Memorial Endowment
David J. Ramnath Foundation Fund
David J. Ramnath Memorial Dinner and Tennis Tournament Fund
Dean S. Hasty Endowment for Camp R.E.E.C.E.
Dean S. Hasty Fund for the Washington County Humane Society
Deann Thoms Charitable Fund
Dearrel Bates Memorial Scholarship
DeBisschop Family Endowment
Deborah R. Menke Scholarship
DeLaCerda House Endowment
Dennis and Ellen Gerard Charitable Fund
Dennis Norling Charitable Fund
Des Moines County Historical Society Endowment II
DeWitt Area Veteran's Memorial Foundation Endowment
DeWitt Area Veteran's Memorial Foundation Endowment Master
Diana (Diane) De Pover-Nesseler Memorial Scholarship
Dick and Mary Lou Kleine Endowment for Catholic Education
Dick Fallow Endowment for Social Justice
Dick Judisch Memorial Fund
Dick Judisch Memorial Fund for Iowa
Diocese of Davenport Catholic Schools Endowment
Diocese of Davenport Social Action and Catholic Charities Endowment
Domino Family Endowment
Don and Mary Schaefer Science Scholarship
Don E. and Charlotte Williams Scholarship
Don R. and Marsha D. Pedersen Charitable Fund
Donald and Donna Meier Foundation Fund
Donald R. Garner Scholarship
Donna Jean Arzberger Memorial Scholarship
Donnellson Vision Inc. Endowment
Dorothy Jane Folwell Education and Health Care Fund
Dr. A. E. Lampe Family Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. Yang Ho Rhee Scholarship

Dr. Austin Sandrock and Carole Wallis Sandrock Community Impact Fund for North Lee County
Dr. Austin Sandrock and Carole Wallis Sandrock Fund
Dr. Austin Sandrock and Carole Wallis Sandrock Fund for the Fort Madison YMCA
Dr. Ina Stegen Scholarship
Dr. Mona Alqulali Acorn Fund
Dr. Paul C. Cunnick Scholarship
Dr. Raymond W. Oles Math/Computer Science Scholarship (Bettendorf)
Dr. Raymond W. Oles Math/Computer Science Scholarship (North Scott)
Dr. Robert F. Anderson and Karen S. Schultz Endowment

Duncan J. and Dianne R. Cameron Community Impact Fund
Duncan J. Cameron Family Foundation Fund
Dunlay Family Scholarship Fund
Durant Community Schools Education Foundation
Durant Jaycees Memorial Scholarship
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Eastern Iowa Angus Association Oliver Hansen Memorial Scholarship
Eastern Iowa Community College District Foundation Endowment
Ed and Deb Deener Endowment
Edgerton Women's Health Center Endowment
Edmund Gaines Group Project Fund

Education Fund
Edwin and Rupert Kautz Family Scholarship
Edwin R. Adland and Ruth H. Adland Scholarship
Elise A. Brett Fund
Elise A. Brett Scholarship
Endowment for Christ United Methodist Church of Davenport for Children in Poverty
Eva Hammond Charitable Gift Annuity
Evelyn Lehman iHope Scholarship
Everyone Deserves a Beautiful Smile Endowment in Honor of Dr. Mary Mariani
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FACE Charitable Giving Fund
FACE Community Impact Endowment
Family Museum Arts and Science Fund
Family Resources Inc. Endowment
Father Jack Denning Memorial Endowment by Merlin J. Hellman for Houghton
Ferdinand Stuekerjuergen Endowment for Houghton
Field Family Foundation Fund
Figge Art Museum Endowment
Figge Art Museum Major Exhibitions Endowment
First Day Project: Student Supply Drive
First Presbyterian Church of Davenport, Iowa Capital Maintenance Endowment
Flikkema/Pilat Family Scholarship
Florence Family Charitable Giving Fund
Formata Fund
Fort Madison Area Arts Association Endowment
Fort Madison Area United Way Endowment
Fort Madison Community Hospital Foundation
Fort Madison Public Library Foundation Endowment
Fort Madison School District Foundation Endowment
Fort Madison School District Foundation Scholarship
Fort Madison SIRRC Community Impact Endowment
Fort Madison YMCA Endowment
Frank and Terre Klipsch Kids to Camp Scholarship Fund
Frank Forlini III Donor Advised Fund
Franklin Parr Marquis Family Foundation, Inc. Fund FBO Moline Park Department
Friendly House Endowment
Friends of Bettendorf Parks Foundation Endowment
Friends of Bettendorf Parks Foundation Life Fitness Center Fund
Friends of Davenport Legacy Foundation Fund
Friends of FACE Fund (Operating)
Friends of FACE Non Endowed Fund
Friends of GIFT Endowment
Friends of GIFT Fund
Friends of Oakdale Memorial Gardens Endowment
Friends of the Burlington Public Library Foundation Endowment
Friends of the Community Foundation of Cedar County Endowment
Friends of the Community Foundation of Cedar County Fund
Friends of the Community Foundation of North Lee County Endowment
Friends of the Community Foundation of North Lee County Fund
Friends of the Community Foundation of Van Buren County Endowment
Friends of the Community Foundation of Van Buren County Fund
Friends of the Davenport Public Library Endowment
Friends of the Foundation Endowment
Friends of the Foundation Endowment for Illinois
Friends of the Foundation Fund
Friends of the LeClaire Public Library - Green Tree Library Endowment
Friends of the Moline Public Library Endowment
Friends of the Morrison Area Community Foundation Fund
Friends of the Mount Carroll Community Foundation Fund
Friends of the North Cedar Community School District Foundation
Friends of the Windmill Endowment
Friends of Vander Veer Endowment
Friendship Manor / Silver Cross Endowment Fund
Fuller Endowment for Children's Therapy Center
Fulton Firemen’s Fund 
Fulton Gardens Fund
Fulton Historical Society Endowment
Fulton Kiwanis Club Endowment
Fulton Policemen’s Fund
Fulton Township Cemetery Endowment
Fund for Hope Haven
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G. Kent and Nancy M. Cornish Charitable Giving Fund
Garrington Family Directed Endowment Fund for Missions
Garrington Family Endowment Fund for the Salvation Army
Gary and Jan Vanderflught Charitable Giving Fund
Gary and Jean Medd Charitable Fund
Gary and Jean Medd Family Foundation Fund
Gary and Virginia Hunt Charitable Fund
GEEE Endowment
Gehling Endowment for Holy Trinity Catholic Schools
Gene and Pat Winnike Scholarship
Gene S. Duke Scholarship
Generosity With Love Giving Circle
Geneseo Chamber of Commerce Scholarship
Geneseo Development and Growth, Inc. Endowment
Geneseo Endowment for Excellence in Education
Geneseo MS/HS PTA Fund
Geneseo Park District Foundation Endowment
Geneseo Public Library District Endowment
Genesis Health Services Foundation Endowment
Genesius Guild Foundation Fund
Geneva D. Bahr and Geraldine W. Bahr-Lambert Endowment
George A. and Barbara J. Grilley Foundation Fund
Georgia and Donald Petty Family Fund
Geraldine W. Bahr Lambert Endowment
German American Heritage Center Endowment
Gethsemane Cemetery Foundation Fund
GIFT Community Impact Fund
Gill Family Charitable Fund
Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois Endowment
Go4It Fund
Golden Lynch Foundation Fund
Golden Lynch Humane Society Endowment
Goodwill Industries of the Heartland Endowment

Graves Charitable Fund
Great River Bend Cyclone Scholarship
Greater Rock Island Noon Lions Club Endowment For Children's Therapy Center of the Quad Cities
Greg and Kim Heaton Family Foundation Fund
Greg and Sandi Hansen Endowment for Women's Choice Center
Gretchen Ristau Fund
Gustav A. and Gerda H.C. Anderson Scholarship
Gwen and Lyle Brown Community Concert Support Endowment
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Habitat for Humanity Quad Cities Fund
Hammond-Henry Hospital Foundation Endowment
Hand-in-Hand Endowment
Harbor Crest Foundation Endowment
Harold Dyer Endowment for Houghton
Harris Family Charitable Gift Fund
Harris Family Endowment for Board Excellence
Harry L. and Marilyn J. Frick Charitable Giving Fund
Harvey D. Rothenberg Class of 1955 Scholarship
Hashmat Siddiqui and Manazir Family Fund
HAVlife Foundation Endowment
Hawk Eye Charities Endowment
Health and Wellness Fund
Heetland Family Foundation 
Helen Maurer Simmons Charitable Giving Fund
Helen Maurer Simmons Scholarship
HELP Endowment
Henry and Linda Neuman Community Impact Fund
Henry J. Trefz Endowment 
Henry Pelham Education Endowment
Henry R. Pelham Fund
Herb and Arlene Elliott Endowment
Heritage Trust Endowment for Preservation and Restoration of Historic Burlington
Herman and Sarah Segal Scholarship
Historic Jipp Center Endowment Fund
Hofmann Family Community Impact Endowment
Holy Family Parish General Endowment
Holy Trinity Catholic Schools Education Foundation Music Endowment
Holy Trinity Catholic Schools Educational Foundation Capital Improvement Endowment
Holy Trinity Catholic Schools Educational Foundation Fund
Holy Trinity Catholic Schools Educational Foundation Teacher Benefits Endowment
Holy Trinity Catholic Schools Educational Foundation Technology Endowment
Holy Trinity Catholic Schools Educational Foundation Tuition Assistance Endowment
Holy Trinity Catholic Schools Endowment
Hope Haven Endowment
Hope Haven Fund

Horan Family Scholarship Fund
Hosmanek Fund
Hugh A. and Deborah S. Stafford Endowment for Clarissa Cook Hospice House
Humane Society of Scott County Endowment
Humility of Mary Housing Foundation Endowment
Humility of Mary Shelter Endowment
Hunt and Diane Harris Charitable Giving Fund
Hurt Family Endowment
Hutcheson Family Acorn Fund
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Illowa Council, Boy Scouts of America Endowment
Imagination Library Endowment (United Way of the Quad Cities Area)
In Christ's Name Fund for Birdies for Charity
Iowa 80 / CAT Scale Go Iowa Endowment
Iowa Newspaper Foundation Endowment
Iowa State Bar Foundation Fund
Irma L. Jepsen Foundation Fund
Isabel Bloom Art Education Endowment 
Ixcan Fund
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J. Andrew Green Memorial Scholarship
J. Fred and Maxine Green Family Scholarship
J. Randolph and Linda M. Lewis Foundation Fund
Jack and Michele Dane via The CFGRB
James and Carol Horstmann Charitable Gift Fund
James and Jeralee Mannhardt Scholarship
James D. and Carol H. Horstmann Endowed Orchestra Chair
James D. and Carol H. Horstmann Endowment
James D. and Carol H. Horstmann Scholarship for Trinity College of Nursing
James D. Morrison Scholarship
James E. and Carol A. Bowe Endowment for Handicapped Development Center
Jana S. Witte Memorial Band Scholarship
Jana S. Witte Memorial Orchestra Scholarship
Jana S. Witte Memorial Vocal Music Scholarship

Jane and Clem Werner Scholarship
Janet E. Keady Memorial Scholarship
Janette N. Howard 2006 Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Janette N. Howard Charitable Giving Fund
Janice Lawson Eternal Spirit Award
Jayne Lee Andreesen Memorial Scholarship
Jean Bennett Memorial Scholarship
Jeffrey J. Donahue Memorial Scholarship
Jeremy Scannell Memorial Scholarship
Jesus R. and Fermina Hernandez Apostolic Fund
Jim and Babe Vastine Scholarship for Athletes
Jim and Beth Unrath Family Endowment
Jim and Diane Roemer Tiedje Family Foundation Fund
Jim and Jayne Field Charitable Fund
Jim and Judi Nash Charitable Fund
Joan Ehnle Gift Annuity
Joe and Sue Kaesbauer Memorial Scholarship
John A. and Evelyn Ovrom Manning Early Childhood Endowment
John and Allie Dane Fund
John and Elodie Betzle Charitable Giving Fund
John and Martha Benson Foundation Fund
John and Mary Blong Achievement Award
John and Mary Stavnes Family Foundation Fund
John and Pat Lujack Community Impact Endowment
John and Phyllis Jackson Music Scholarship Endowment
John and Rita Daniel Charitable Giving Fund
John C. and Ann L. Gardner Endowment for the Quad City Symphony Orchestra
John Deere Classic Endowment
John J. and Bette J. Schmid Endowment
John J. Quail Foundation Fund
John M. Peterson and Merredith L. Peterson Charitable Giving Fund
John P. Bowe Memorial Scholarship
John R. Kiley Memorial Scholarship
John Schuldt and Mary Moore Endowment for Fort Madison Area Art Association
John Schuldt and Mary Moore Endowment for Three Rivers Conservation
John T. and Margaret V. Powers Endowment
Jon Allbee Memorial Scholarship
Joseph D. Hayes Scholarship
Josh Fullmer Memorial Scholarship
Joy of Giving Circle
Judith A. Katz Memorial Fund

Judith Berger Endowment
Judith Berger NonEndowed Donor Advised Fund
Junior Achievement Free Enterprise Foundation Endowment
Junior Board of Rock Island Fund
Junior League of the Quad Cities
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K.A.T.E. (Karing About Those Exceptional) Scholarship
Katherine Andrios Acorn Fund
Kathleen and Donald Sitz Endowment for Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
Kathleen and Donald Sitz Endowment in Memory of the Sitz and Kaufmann Families
Kathryn Ann Smith Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Kathryne Cavanaugh Endowment
Katie and Dan Molyneaux Charitable Giving Fund
Kay Gardner Memorial Foundation Fund

Kay Kaiser Memorial Scholarship
Keith and Mary Benson Foundation Fund
Kelly Marie McQuate Memorial Scholarship
Kenneth and Sharon Glassman Friends of the Foundation Endowment
Kenneth and Sharon Glassman Fund
Kenneth J. Lampe and Edward B. Lampe Scholarship
Kenneth W. and Jeri E. Laud Foundation Fund
Kent and Judi Pilcher Donor Advised Fund
Kent and Pamela Stout Family Endowment
Kevin and Karen Urick Foundation Fund
Kies Family Charitable Giving Fund
Kies Family Foundation Fund
Kiwanis Club of Davenport Charitable Giving Fund
Kiwanis Club of Davenport Endowment
Kiwanis UTHS Scholarship
Kleine Family Endowment for the Catholic Diocese of Davenport
Kleine Family Endowment for United Way of the QCA
Kleine Family Foundation Endowment
Kleine Family Foundation Fund
Kleinschmidt Foundation Fund for Medical Equipment
Kleinschmidt Foundation Scholarship Fund
Koehn Family Fund
Kowzan Family Foundation Fund
Kreiter Endowment for School Based Mental Health Services
Kreiter Family Endowment
Kreiter Family Endowment for Camp Shalom
Kreiter Family Endowment for Handicapped Development Center
Kristyn Mahler Acorn Fund
Kuhns Charitable Giving Fund
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L. A. Bittorf Catholic Education Fund
L. Jean Watson Endowment
Larkin Family Foundation Fund
Larry and Connie Kelch Endowment for Holy Trinity Catholic Schools
Larry Tschappat Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Lawrence and Marilyn Matteson Foundation Fund
Leading Ladies Giving Circle
Lenny Stone Memorial Scholarship
LeRoy and Jerry Bentler Endowment for Houghton
Ligino Family Scholarship
Linda Bowers Endowment for School Based Mental Health Services
Lindsay Suhl Memorial Scholarship
Living Lands and Waters Board Endowment
Living Lands and Waters Endowment
Lohman Companies Insurance Foundation Fund
Lois Mitchell Endowment for Rock Island County Extension and 4H
Loren and Tammy Bockwoldt Memorial Endowment
Loren and Tammy Bockwoldt Memorial Scholarship
Lorraine Duncan Special Collections Endowment for the Davenport Public Library
Loud Thunder Forest Preserve Endowment
Louis F. Bulechek Memorial Scholarship
Louise Prosser Endowment
Love Girls Magazine Charitable Fund
Lowden Public Library Endowed Fund
Lt. Col. William T. Cooper Scholarship Fund
Lucille M. McBride Memorial Fund
LULAC - Council 10 Scholarship
Luther College Scholarship
Lynn and Dennis Quinn Family Charitable Foundation Fund
Lynn Quinn NonEndowed Donor Advised Fund
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Maggie and Hovey Tinsman Foundation
Maggie and Hovey Tinsman Foundation Fund
Main Street Art Guild Endowment
Marcia and Ralph Congdon Fund for the Symphony
Margaret M. Stellon Endowment
Mariah Becker Memorial Scholarship
Marie L. Kurtz Fund
Marilyn M. and Burton C. Gearhart Scholarship
Mark and Anne Nagan Designated Endowment
Mark and Dana Wilkinson Charitable Fund
Mark S. Hierseman Memorial Foundation Fund
Mark S. Hierseman Memorial Foundation Fund for Iowa
Mark W. Schwiebert Fund for Environmental Studies
Marriage and Family Counseling Service Endowment
Marsha and Don Pedersen Community Impact Fund
Marsha and Don Pedersen Endowment for Camp Abe Lincoln
Marsha and Don Pedersen Endowment for First Presbyterian Church of Davenport, Iowa
Marsha and Don Pedersen Endowment for Marriage and Family Counseling of Rock Island
Martens' Family Foundation Fund
Martha and Carl Link Endowment
Martin Museum Endowment
Mary and Axel Peterson Endowment
Mary Ann Schuter Charitable Giving Fund
Mary Ann Schuter Gift Annuity
Mary Blong Donor Advised Fund
Mary Frances Callaghan Endowment
Mary Hubbell Waterman Community Impact Endowment
Mary J. Ward Memorial Scholarship
Mary Moore Scholarship
Mary Rose and Gene Hawkinson Endowment
Mary Rose and Gene Hawkinson-River Action Endowment
Mary Rose Hawkinson Endowment
Max and Jacki Guinn Family Foundation Fund
May Fund
McClimon Family Endowment
McDoniel Family Endowment for Children's Therapy Center
McGladrey & Pullen, LLP/RSM McGladrey Inc.-Central Plains Economic Unit Disaster Relief and Recovery
Mediapolis Schools Foundation Inc. Endowment Fund
Meier Family Foundation Fund
Meinert Family Foundation Fund
Mel and Edna Foster Camp Foundation Fund
Melvin R and Mabel E Randolph Endowment
Memorial Endowment
Mendenhall Family Foundation Fund
Menke Family Endowment
Menke Holy Trinity Catholic Schools Endowment
Mercer County Family YMCA Endowment
Mercer County Schools Excellence in Education Fund
Meredith and Dan Ellard Family Endowment
Merlin and Theresa Hellman Endowment
Merlin and Theresa Hellman Endowment for Holy Trinity Catholic Schools Education
Merlin Hellman Community Impact Endowment
Merrit and Dorothy Parsons Scholarship
Michael A. Morgan Memorial Endowment
Michael and Monique Gorsline Foundation Fund
Michael J. Barrer Memorial Fund
Michael J. Green Instrumental Music Departmental Award
Michael R. and Jean H. Steffenson Fund
Michelle Gau Scholarship for Alleman High School
Mid States Transmission Parts Foundation Fund 
Midwest Writing Center Endowment
Midwest Writing Center's Tim Curry Endowment for Youth Writing Programs
Mike and Jean Steffenson Endowment
Mike Condon Memorial Scholarship
Mildred and Marjorie Carstensen Scholarship
Mildred Crespin-Croegaert Fund
Milk Fund
Miracle Field of the Quad Cities
Miss Iowa Scholarship Fund
Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center Endowment
Mitchell Aaron Ertz Vocational Scholarship
Montgomery Family Endowment
Morency Foster Youth Illinois Scholarship
Morency Foster Youth Iowa Scholarship
Morrison Area Community Foundation Community Impact Fund
Morrison Area Community Foundation Memorial Endowment
Mount Carroll Community Foundation Community Impact Endowment
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Mack Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Mel Foster, Jr. Charitable Fund
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Nabstedt Educational Fund
Neil and Sandra Fuller Charitable Giving Fund
Neil Armstrong Elementary School Fund
Neil Padgett Scholarship
Neiswanger Dooley Scholarship
Nell C. Brennan Fund
Nellie LeMon Scholarship
Niabi Zoological Society Endowment
Nimmer Family Charitable Fund
Nimmer Family Foundation Fund
NMC Foundation Fund
Norb and Barb Bempke Foundation Fund
North Cedar Schools Ashley Himes Fund
North Cedar Schools Charles "Chick" and Eleanor Thomson Scholarship
North Cedar Schools Goldsmith Fund
North Cedar Schools Gorman and Fay Robinson Scholarship
North Cedar Schools Moffit Elementary Libraries Fund
North Lee County Historical Society Endowment 
Nowinski Family Foundation Fund
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Oak Hill Cemetery Endowment
Odean Family Acorn Fund
Odell Library Foundation Fund
Olive Pearl Ritter Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Olive Pearl Ritter Endowment
ORA Orthopedics Musculoskeletal Health Scholarship
Ozzie Osterberg Team Spirit Scholarship
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P.E.O. Chapter BL - Blanche Wood Music Award Fund
PACT Fund for Children's Justice
Pamela D. Johnson, Ph. D. Education Fund - Iowa
Partners for Adult Learning Success Endowment
Pat and Julia Koellner Family Foundation Fund
Patricia L. Reid Endowment
Patrick A. Burr Social Studies Scholarship
Patrick and Karen Fitzsimmons - Walton Scholarship for St. Ambrose
Paul and Alisande Rapps Family Fund
Paul and Beverly Eckert Community Impact Endowment
Paul and Beverly Eckert Fund
Paul and Lois Goodwin Memorial Scholarship
Paul E. Freund Fund
Paul N. Lensmeyer Memorial Scholarship for Pleasant Valley
Paws - Protectors of Animal Welfare Fund
Peace Church of Christ United Endowment
Pedersen Family Endowment for the Quad City Symphony Orchestra
Pedersen Family Foundation Fund
Pellegrino Fund
Pequenita Fund
Peter G. Pohlmann Endowment for Cafe on Vine
Peter Milteadon Fund
Peterson Family Fund
Philip Czachowski Memorial Scholarship
Planned Parenthood of the Heartland Endowment
Pleasant Valley Schools Educational Foundation Scholarship
Pleasant Valley Sports Foundation Fund
Potter Family Foundation Fund
Putnam Museum Endowment
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Q2030 Action Fund
Quad Cities Breast Cancer Support Group Project Fund 
Quad Cities Cultural Trust Endowment
Quad Cities Diabetes Association Endowment
Quad Cities Disaster Recovery Fund
Quad Cities Health Care Expo Project Fund
Quad Cities Mexican American Organization Scholarship
Quad City Animal Welfare Center Endowment
Quad City Arts Endowment
Quad City Botanical Center Endowment
Quad City Montessori School Endowment
Quad City Osteopathic Foundation Endowment
Quad City Regional Auto Show Scholarship
Quad City Symphony Orchestra Endowment
Quad City Telugu Sangham Scholarship
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R. Hovey Tinsman Jr. Memorial Scholarship
R.E. and Marjorie Kautz Family Funds
Rajendran Family Foundation Fund
Ralph and Ann Dufour Scholarships for Catholic Education Acorn Fund
Ralph and Norma Grotelueschen Family Endowment
Ralph G. Ruebling Family Foundation Fund
Ralph Potts Fund
Ralph VenHorst Memorial Scholarship
Ray and Jill McLaughlin Community Impact Endowment
Ray C. and Connie F. Allen Family Foundation
Rebuilding Together Quad Cities Endowment
Reedemer Evangelical Lutheran Church Fund
Reimers Fund
Rev. RJ and Ruth Lautner Fund for Bay Shore Camp         
Rich and Dee James Scholarship
Richard and Joan Evans Charitable Fund
Richard and Joan McHenry Endowment
Richard and Judy Kreiter Fund
Richard and Mary Miles Family Foundation
Richard and Sally Muller Fund
Richard Bowers Endowment for Imagination Library
Richard J. Collins Memorial Scholarship
Richard "Michael" Azinger Endowment
Richard "Michael" Azinger Endowment for Holy Family Parish
Richard Ripperger Fund
Rickert Family Charitable Fund
Rickert Family Foundation Fund
River Bend Foodbank Endowment
Rivermont Collegiate Endowment
RME Education Fund in Honor of Ellis Kell
Robert A. and Patricia K. Hanson Youth Symphony Endowment
Robert A. Parmele Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Robert and Barbara Kuhns Scholarship
Robert and Blenda Ontiveros Endowed Donor Advised Fund
Robert and Blenda Ontiveros Non-Endowed Donor Advised Fund
Robert J. and Lois M. Hughes Scholarship
Robert V. Fairman Endowment
Rock Island Art Guild Endowment
Rock Island County Extension & 4-H Education Foundation Endowment
Rock Island High School Class of 1956 Foundation Endowment
Ron and Connie Koehn Charitable Giving Fund
Ron and Connie Koehn Endowment
Rosalie Murphy Scholarship (Music Students/Etude Club)
Rotary Club of Davenport Loan Fund - Ackerman
Rotary Club of Davenport Loan Fund - Dunn
Rotary Club of Davenport Projects Fund
Rotary Club of Davenport Scholarship
Rowan Margaret Sibthorp Fund
Roy and Myrtle Keppy Scholarship
Roy E. Murray Foundation Fund
Roy L. Letchford Memorial Scholarship
Rump Family Endowment for Holy Trinity
Russell Foundation Endowment
Russell Foundation Fund
Ruth Lambrick Van Tieghem Scholarship
Ryan Bowen Family Foundation Scholarship
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Saathoff Family Endowment
Saathoff Family Endowment for Gethsemane Cemetery
Saathoff Family Endowment for Holy Family Parish
Saathoff Family Endowment for Holy Trinity Catholic School Educational Foundation for Teacher Benefits
Saathoff Family Endowment for the Fort Madison Food Pantry
SAL Family and Community Services Endowment 
Salvation Army Endowment
Salzburg College Non-Endowed Scholarship
Sandra Foster Miller Charitable Fund
Scattergoods Friends School Endowment
SCC President's Circle Endowment
Schmaling Memorial Public Library Endowment
Schroeder Charitable Fund
Schuetzenpark Stiftung
Scott Community College Foundation Endowment
Scott County Family Y - Child Care Service Endowment
Scott County Family YMCA Camp Abe Lincoln Endowment
Scott County Family YMCA Foundation Endowment
Scott County Family YMCA Laura Bynum Anderson Memorial Endowment
Scott County Family YMCA Memorial Endowment
Scott County Library System Foundation Fund
Sekharan Family Fund
Selma B. Waterman and Edna Blade Endowment for the Geneseo Community Park District
Seth Ernst Memorial Soccer Scholarship Fund
Sheaffer Memorial Golf Park Endowment
Shepherd B. Runge Memorial Endowment
Sherry Letchford Community Endowment 
Sitz and Kaufmann Endowment for Oakdale Memorial Gardens
Small and Cousins Family Charitable Fund - Endowment
Small and Cousins Family Charitable Fund - Farm
Society of American Military Engineers - Rock Island Post - Centennial Award Fund Endowment
Sophia N. Hapke Charitable Fund
Sophia N. Hapke Scholarship
Soroptimist International of Fort Madison Endowment
Spartan Nation iHope Scholarship
St. Ann's Catholic Church of Long Grove, IA Endowment
St. Anthony Catholic Church Endowment
St. Anthony's Endowment for Capital Maintenance
St. James the Less Catholic Cemetery Foundation, St. Paul, Iowa
St. Mark Kids First Charitable Giving Fund
St. Mary's Catholic Church Endowment (West Point, Iowa)
St. Mary's Parish Scholarship for Catholic Education (Davenport, Iowa)  
Stephanie R. Vinar Memorial Endowment
Stephen and Ann Suiter Foundation Fund
Stephen and Donna Enright Acorn Fund
Steve and Agnes Koellner Enrichment Fund 
Steve and Sue Emmerson Family Fund 
Steve Morency and Kathleen E. Morency Charitable Giving Fund
Steven J. Vander Horn Scholarship
Stewart N. Lounsberry Memorial Scholarship
Sue Stolze Foundation Fund
Summit Peaks Foreman Family Foundation
Susan S. Skora Community Impact Endowment

Swales Family Charitable Fund
Sylvan and Joan Nichting Foundation
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Tana S. Odean Fund
Teaching the Future of St. Mark Endowment
Ted and Carole Minnick Family Scholarship
Ted and Eloise Pfeiff Scholarship I
Ted and Eloise Pfeiff Scholarship II
Teens for Tomorrow Endowment
Teens for Tomorrow Operating Fund
Teens with a GIFT of Foresight Endowment
Terry Lunardi Foundation Fund
Theodore W. (Toby) and Gertrude H. Mohrfeld Endowment
Thomas Moen Memorial Endowment
Thomas O. and Margaret Nobis Foundation Fund
Thomas O. Nobis Charitable Remainder Unitrust 
Thomas Thoms NonEndowed Donor Advised Fund
Three Rivers Conservation Foundation Endowment
Tim and Jeanie Sullivan Family Foundation Fund
Timber Lake Playhouse Endowment
Tinsman Family Scholarship
Tipton Community Enhancement Fund
Todd and Amy Kersten Community Impact Fund
Tom and Barb Montgomery Foundation Fund
Tom and Martha Shaff Licea Family Scholarship
Tom St. Clair Endowment
Traditional Jazz Preservation Endowment
Travis Hearn Benefit Fund
Two Rivers YMCA Endowment
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Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Quad Cities Endowment
United Education Foundation Endowment
United Way Endowment
Updegraff Sutton Family Foundation Fund
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Valentine Family Charitable Giving Fund
Van Buren Foundation, Inc. Fund
Van Buren Telephone Company Endowment
Van Meter Industrial Foundation Fund
Vaughn Hungerford Scholarship
Vera French Foundation Dr. Garside Endowment
Vera French Foundation Endowment
Vera French Housing Corporation Endowment
Verla Funk Math Scholarship
Verna Kaucher Scholarship
Vernon and Susan Stackhouse Acorn Fund
Victoria J. Forlini Donor Advised Fund
Villa Montessori Endowment
Volunteer Millers Endowment
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Walcott Lions Endowment
Walter E. Neiswanger, M.D. Community Endowment
Wanda F. Miller Endowment for Hope Haven
Wayne H. Zemelka Scholarship
Weinzweig Family Endowment
Welch Family Foundation
Wells Fargo Bank Endowment
Wendell "Buzz" Moore Scholarship for Orion High School
Werner Family Endowment for the German American Heritage Center
Wessels Charitable Endowment
Wessels Family Charitable Fund
West Point Public Library Endowment
Will Kohn Memorial Scholarship
William and Florence Stout Family Charitable Fund
William and Kathryn Storm Endowment for the Community Foundation
William D. Petersen Fund for Medical Care of the Needy
William D. Petersen Fund for Needy Children
William Dickson Fund
William F. and Linda Z. Tubbs Foundation Fund
Wilson Family Endowment for Boy Scout Camperships
Wilson Family Foundation Endowment
Windmill Area Educators Endowment
Windmill Area Membership Endowment
Women's Choice Center Pro-Life Clinic Agency Endowment
Women's Choice Center Pro-Life Clinic Endowment
Women's Endowment
WQPT Public Television Endowment
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YMCA Youth and Family Foundation - Frank J. Klipsch, III Scholarship Fund
YMCA Youth Development Fund
Young House Family Services Endowment
Youth Hope Endowment - A Christian Friendliness Ministry
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Zeman Share Charitable Fund

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*The current fund listing was last updated February 29, 2016. We have carefully reviewed all funds at the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend. Occasionally, despite our best efforts, errors occur. If we have made mistakes on your fund listing, we sincerely apologize. Please alert us to such errors by contacting the Community Foundation at 563-326-2840 or email

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Grants from the Isabel Bloom Fund will further the education of local children and art instructors, foster greater appreciation of the visual arts and help enhance the quality of life in the Quad Cities.
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