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Estate Plan BenefitsThe myth that estate planning is only for the wealthy keeps many Americans from creating estate plans and enjoying the benefits they have to offer. Truth be told, most people benefit from estate plans and can be helped by leaving more to their loved ones through reduced taxes, litigation, and unnecessary expenses. Everyone has an estate, big or small, regardless of capital, assets, property, or business interests. Proper planning is the key to making sure you make the most of what you have.

According to a National Research Study, in the next 10 years, $74.4 billion of wealth will have transferred through probate estates from one generation to the next in Iowa. In just 10 years, $182.3 billion will have transferred in Illinois. While the average transfer nationwide will peak after 50 years, wealth transfer in many Iowa and Illinois counties is projected to crest much sooner.

Much of this wealth is currently invested in family homes and farms, retirement accounts and other appreciated assets - some of which may be heavily taxed if given to heirs. If only 5% of this wealth was earmarked for charitable endowment, the resulting funds would generate hundreds of millions of dollars every year for local community projects and priorities across each state – forever. The Community Foundation has established endowments focused on improving the quality of life in eastern Iowa and western Illinois communities, including the one you call home.

We are here to help ensure your charitable contributions maximize the value of your gifts. To view planned gift options through the Community Foundation, click here.

For assistance in your estate planning, please email our Development Team or call 563-326-2840.

"An acorn fund allows us the flexibility to grow our endowment over time, receive tax advantages, and also support our children's college education."

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Impact Grants may be used to fill a variety of funding needs and provide a quicker turnaround time for smaller project needs.
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