The Endowment Society

MattesonThe Endowment Society recognizes a special group of individuals and businesses whose support strengthens our region now and forever. It honors donors who have established an endowed fund at the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend and have made gifts of $10,000 or more to their fund during their lifetime.

Each endowment is an expression of the unique interests and concerns of its founder. Some endowments are important tributes or lasting memorials to loved ones. Others are an expression of the founder’s commitment to a particular cause -- education, the environment, homelessness, and many more. And some are discretionary endowments that allow the Community Foundation flexibility to respond to changing community needs over time.

Every endowment is an integral piece of the regional philanthropic resource that is the Community Foundation and its Geographic Affiliate Funds. And each donor is making a difference in the lives of others today, and for generations to come.

Gift Criteria

  • Individuals who establish an Endowment and contribute $10,000 or more to that Endowment during their lifetime.
  • For-Profit Corporations that establish an Endowment and have contributed $10,000 or more.
  • Nonprofit organizations that establish an Endowment for the benefit of others and have contributed $10,000 or more. 


  • Members serve as an inspiration to others, demonstrating how to give back and make a difference in the lives of others for generations to come. 
  • Members receive an annual newsletter specific to Endowment and the impact generated in their communities.
  • Members have access to site visits and other opportunities for involvement in their communities, as arranged by Community Foundation staff.
  • Corporations and Individuals are recognized in print and electronic materials for their exemplary leadership in growing permanent resources to benefit the region.
  • Individuals may be in both The Endowment and Legacy Societies if they create an endowment during their lifetimes and have informed us that they have included the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend in their estate plans.

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For information on The Endowment Society contact a member of our Development Team or call them at 563-326-2840

“My ponderings about my nest egg, and the needs of Humility of Mary Housing, Inc. seemed like a match! And the Community Foundation is the matchmaker."

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