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Ed TschappatNo matter what the size of a person’s estate, numerous pieces must come together in an effective plan, including the individual’s personal, financial, and charitable goals. Professional advisors can form a “team” and work with the Community Foundation’s experts to bring those pieces together into a plan that works.

Ed Tschappat worked with a team that included his financial advisors, Jay Stanley and Lynn Behrends, of Robert W. Baird & Co.; his attorney, Sam Gilman; and the Community Foundation. This team ensured that each of Ed’s goals would be achieved.

Jay was Ed’s friend and advisor for more than 30 years. “Ed was a hard worker. When he told me what he wanted to accomplish, I knew he should work with the Foundation,” says Jay, who, since retirement, is volunteering for numerous causes in our community.

Lynn has been a financial advisor for more than 20 years. “This business is about relationships, not numbers,” she says. “Every client has different needs, and ideas. The Community Foundation offers flexibility to help meet these needs.” Lynn also serves as an investment manager of the Foundation.

Sam brought his legal expertise to the team. “The Community Foundation was the right place for Ed’s Endowment,” said Sam. “Its community focus reflects Ed’s generosity towards others throughout his life.” At 91, Sam is currently enjoying retirement while continuing to remain up-to-date on the law.

Jay, Lynn, and Sam are members of the Community Foundation’s Advisor Circle, which recognizes advisors who have fostered new partnerships between their clients and the Community Foundation.

"The Foundation ensures that our dollars are used as efficiently as possible."

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