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Learn MoreWhat is a Community Foundation?

A community foundation is a charitable organization created by and for a community of people. Your Community Foundation of the Great River Bend is governed by local Trustees, and by a Board of Directors comprised of community leaders. We are administered by a full-time professional staff. 

We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, publicly supported organization, and all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Iowa taxpayers may also benefit from the Endow Iowa Tax Credit Program. Similar legislation is pending in Illinois.

Individuals, families, businesses and organizations work with us to create permanent charitable funds that help meet the challenges of changing times. The Community Foundation invests and administers these funds.

Gifts to the Community Foundation come from individuals, families, corporations, other businesses, nonprofit organizations, and a variety of other sources. These gifts are given for endowment, which means they are invested in perpetuity to benefit our community today and for generations to come. Each year, distributions from each of the Foundation’s more than 900 charitable funds are given to worthy organizations or causes. 

The Community Foundations also identifies current and emerging issues, channels resources to address our communities’ needs, and helps our region prepare for the future.

Operating expenses are paid from gifts designated by donors to cover these costs, through grants and partnerships with local and national foundations and organizations, and support charges on funds.

What We Do

  • Build endowment, a permanent source of philanthropic funding for charitable causes.
  • Help donors plan and carry out their charitable giving in the region, and across the country. 
  • Simplify giving so donors can focus on their charitable passions.
  • Partner with other foundations, public agencies and the business sector, to create change and bring a consistent voice of leadership to critical civic issues.
  • Advance innovative philanthropic solutions to challenging problems.
  • Strengthen the region through a network of affiliate foundations working together, yet each a unique reflection of the community it serves.

A Focus on Service

Differentiating the Community Foundation from other philanthropic options is our focus on service -- to each and every one of our donors, nonprofit partners, grant seekers, grantees and other community members involved in our work.

Our donors enjoy many services and benefits. We work with our donors and their attorneys and other professional advisors to design gift plans that fit every economic situation. Every day we meet with individuals like you to learn more about their views, their dreams for making a difference, and to introduce them to great opportunities to invest in our community and in our world. 

Our fund holders have 24/7 access to manage their charitable funds through our online fund management system called “MyFund.” All fund holders receive quarterly and annual statements. 

Program staff conducts research, analyzes data and makes site visits to ensure that philanthropic dollars are maximized and well-used. We have an in-depth knowledge of the issues and needs within our community, as well as the strength of partnerships to address those needs efficiently and effectively.

Our nonprofit endowment partners receive professional guidance and assistance in growing their endowment assets. They can focus on their mission while we provide professional management of their funds. 

We provide a full range of services to individuals, corporations, private foundations and nonprofit organizations. Find out how you can benefit from our expertise in grantmaking, gift planning, investment management, donor engagement and more. Call 563-326-2840 or email us.

National Standards

The Community Foundation operates in compliance with the National Standards for Community Foundations as set forth by the Council on Foundations. Proudly, we were the fifth community foundation in the country to achieve this confirmation.

The National Standards Seal represents official confirmation from the Community Foundation’s National Standards Board that a community foundation has met the most rigorous standards. The seal affirms the community foundation’s commitment to financial security, transparency, and accountability and confirms the organization’s grantmaking includes an open, competitive process designed to address the changing needs of its community.

The National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations Program was established in 2000 to guide community foundations by establishing legal, ethical, and effective operational practices that serve as blueprints for internal development and benchmarks for external assessment. The 26 National Standards require a community foundation to document its policies in donor services, investment management, grantmaking and administration. To receive confirmation of National Standards compliance, a community foundation submits its organizational and financial policies and procedures to a rigorous peer review.

More than 500 community foundations in the country are nationally accredited with 96 percent of the largest community foundations participating in the National Standards program. The Community Foundation of the Great River Bend is fully accredited by the National Standards for Community Foundations as set forth by the Council on Foundations.

The Community Foundation provides a simple, powerful, and highly personal approach to giving. As a public charity devoted to serving the region, we offer a variety of giving tools to help people achieve their charitable goals—and create lasting community good.


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"Mary and I have been interested in the issue of hunger in the Quad Cities for many, many years. It is great to be able to have an impact."

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Robert and Hazel Cowles knew they wanted to support the community's needs long into the future, so they turned to the Community Foundation to meet their charitable goals.
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