Investment Strategy

Endowment Funds
The Community Foundation of the Great River Bend (CFGRB) invests most endowed assets in its primary endowment pool, the Long Term Pool. Pooling the assets provides funds of all sizes the benefits of diversification and lower fees, which means more philanthropic dollars going back into the community.

Our investment strategy is set and monitored by the Investment Committee with the long term objectives of providing a consistent flow of funds in support of foundation expenditures including grant making and administrative activities while preserving the real value of current assets and future gifts for the long term benefit of our community.

In June 2015, the Investment Committee set out to revitalize the CFGRB investment structure. The goal was to reduce the complexity and cost and add a layer of expertise to managing the assets. Today, we partner with Fund Evaluation Group, LLC (FEG) to oversee our investment structure. FEG is an independently owned, full service investment advisory firm currently serving almost 50 Community Foundations. Read more about that here.

With the FEG partnership, the Investment Committee and the Board of Directors adopted a new Investment Policy Statement in September 2016, which includes an updated asset allocation for the Long Term Pool. This allocation was implemented the 4th quarter of 2016. Download our Investment Policy for more detailed information.

Beginning in 2018, two additional investment strategy options will be available for our endowed fundholders.  Our primary investment option will remain the Long Term Pool, but now you may select a Strategic Growth Pool or a Socially Responsible Pool for your endowed fund as well.

The options for our non-endowed fundholders will also be updated.  Non-endowed fundholders may choose from a Money Market Pool, an Income Pool as well as the same investment startegy options as our endowed fundholders listed above.

Further descriptions of the asset allocations for each pool can be found here.

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