Q2030 Grants


What do we want the Quad Cities to be in 2030 and beyond? Inspired by the Quad Cities Regional Vision and as a leader in the Q2030 Regional Action Plan, the Community Foundation has created the Q2030 Grants program to do our part in working toward our community's vision that:

QC Bridges

The Quad Cities is recognized globally in 2030 for growing and attracting talent and businesses; is energized by a culturally rich community; inspires innovation; and embraces lifelong learning.

A simpler way to say this is that we will all work together to make the Quad Cities even more cool, creative, connected, and prosperous. While not limited to this list, Q2030 grants might fund projects that:

  • Create strong, attractive, and functional places in which we live, work, experience, and play.
  • Provide all our region's residents with great care, education, training, career opportunities, and access to cultural experiences.
  • Encourage people and organizations to come together and help one another in new ways to think about, talk about, and act on behalf of our Quad Cities region.
  • Make sure our region offers great opportunities for everyone to thrive.

To learn more about the Quad Cities Regional Vision and the Q2030 Regional Action plan, click here.

Q2030 Grants support nonprofits as we all work together in our own ways towards our community's vision of becoming even more cool, creative, connected, and prosperous.

Q2030 grants may be used to fill a variety of funding needs, including program and operations. Preference will be given to applications that build organizational capacity, which may include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Board training and education 
  • Staff training
  • Succession planning
  • Collaborative work/partnerships with other agencies
  • Critical equipment needs
  • Technology/software needs

Q2030 Grants may be awarded to nonprofit organizations located in or serving residents of Rock Island County, Illinois and/or Scott County, Iowa.

An organization may only receive one Q2030 Grant per calendar year. An application will be reviewed only once, and each organization may apply only once per calendar year.

If your organization has already received a Nonprofit Capacity Building Grant this year, you are not eligible for a Q2030 grant until the following calendar year.

Evaluation criteria
All Q2030 Grant applications will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Broad Reach: The project will either benefit a large number of people or bring about significant change for a smaller population.
  2. Clear Measures: Goals and outcomes are clear and measurable.
  3. Inclusion: The project will reach diverse and vulnerable populations.
  4. Financial and Volunteer Leverage: The project engages and utilizes other funding sources and/or volunteer resources.
  5. Partnership and collaboration: The project uses meaningful partnerships or collaborations to accomplish project goals.
  6. Overall Impact Potential: The project does important work in the community and advances the Quad Cities Regional Vision. 

Q2030 Grants are available for up to $2,000. The Community Foundation designates $72,000 per year, or up to $6,000 per month, for Q2030 Grants.

Q2030 Grants are accepted throughout the year until November 30, 2017 and awarded monthly. Applications received by the last day of one month will be reviewed and awarded by the 20th of the following month. For example, applications received by January 31 will be reviewed and awards will be announced by February 20. 

Application process
Applications are submitted via our online grant system. In this competitive process, applications are reviewed and scored against other applications received in the same month. Grant applications are reviewed by a committee of CFGRB community volunteers and their recommendations are approved by the CFGRB Board of Directors.

For a sample of the application questions, please click here.

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Final Reports
Please complete a final report when you have finished your project, or within one year, whichever is sooner. Final reports are completed in the same online system you submitted your application. Click here to log in and complete a final report for a Q2030 Grant.

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